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Latest Saria (Iron Rod) Rates in Pakistan

Latest Saria (Iron Rod) Rates in Pakistan

One of the fundamental elements utilized in the construction of homes and other structures all around the nation is the iron rod, also referred to as Saria locally. It is mostly used to strengthen a structure's resistance to weights, both vertically and horizontally. It comes in several sizes, indicated by sutar or millimetre. The grade and dimension have an impact on Pakistan's Saria rate, which has increased significantly in recent months.

Before we talk about the most recent price of Saria Pakistan, it's crucial to note that there are two common grades of iron bars that people should be aware of i.e. 40th and 60th grades. Whereas the former is primarily utilized for lintels, the latter is employed for building walls.

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Here are the saria rates or iron prices in Pakistan today.

Saria SizeGrade 40 Rate per KGGrade 40 Rate per Metric TonGrade 60 Rate per KGGrade 60 Rate  Metric Ton
3 sutar (10mm)PKR 257PKR 257,000PKR 259PKR 259,000
4 sutar (12mm)PKR 255PKR 255,000PKR 257PKR 257,000
5 sutar (16mm) – 6 sutar (20mm)PKR 255PKR 255,000 PKR 257PKR 257,000 
7 sutar (22mm) – 8 sutar (25mm)PKR 255PKR 255,000 PKR 258PKR 258,000


Now that we are aware of Pakistan's Saria costs, the top producers of premium iron rods, or rebars, for building projects, are listed below.  Pakistan Steel Mills

  • Ittehad Steel
  • Mughal Steel
  • Ittefaq Steel
  • AF Steel
  • Amreli Steel
  • Kamran Steel
  • FF Steel
  • Al Haj Asia Star Steel

This concludes our overview of the most recent saria rate in Pakistan. Check back often for the most recent prices since this blog will be updated often. 

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Important Reminder

                              Since these prices were derived from different market rates, the steel price in Pakistan may differ from your region. These costs differ according to region as well. We merely exist to provide you with information regarding steel pricing in Pakistan; we do not trade in steel. Please get in touch with us via our website if you learn of any market-related changes in steel prices.

Preventive/ Prevention Techniques

When handling steel or iron on the building site, workers must wear protective helmets. Worker footwear must have a hard sole or be difficult to slide in. To protect your hands from harm when handling steel rods, wear artificial gloves and dressings. When handling steel or iron, try to avoid tugging it or dropping it. Carefully and completely raise it. Store it away from trash, dirt, and other potentially harmful materials.

Advantages of employing steel

 Steel has a high degree of elastic quality, or 200 GPA (200 x 109 N/m2). Steel can withstand loads without breaking because of its great flexibility. Steel may function as a ductile material beneath strong loads because of its higher ductility strength. Steel bears too much load, so it has greater strength. Steel has the ability to bear temperature, but it melts at high temperatures because steel loses as the temperature increases and its modulus of elasticity can gradually decrease.


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