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List Of Top Healthy Foods For Monsoon Season

List Of Top Healthy Foods For Monsoon Season

Best Foods For Monsoon Season

Food in our lives not only is a necessity for a living but also it is a major source of the union as well. When the last time you were was invited somewhere or did you invite someone to your place? Or you joined the party out with friends or family? Not very long ago right. These gatherings at the dining table are the most cherished ones. The season is one of the factors that also decide what kind of food should be part of your table in a particular season. Given the Asian context and especially Pakistani society, we are very fond of food. We are perhaps the most foodie people on Earth. Just Like Best Winter Season Foods Trends, same with the Monsoon Season setting in, it is very normal for us to see people all around us falling ill and suffering from a number of health issues. If you do not want to remain in bed with illness, you need to start eating better. We have compiled some of the Rainy Season Monsoon Foods that you should eat and some that you should avoid. Let’s make the right Monsoon Season Foods choices this monsoon season.

Foods You Should Prefer During Monsoon Season

Fruits: In fruits, you should prefer eating pears, peaches, plums, papayas, apples, and bananas which are said to be good choices during the monsoon season. Additionally, avoid fruits that have very strong smells such as Jackfruit, and also try to avoid eating mango once the rains start.

Food: when it comes to food choices, go for brown rice, oats, and barley which are a good substitute for other starchy food because these are digested easily and will keep your hunger at bay. Moreover, corn, gram flour, and chickpeas are considered drying foods and are better to eat during the rainy season.

Beverages: Hot Beverages In Monsoon Season, like different herbal teas are a nice and healthy way to stay warm during the rains. Hot Soups are also a good idea, you can even add some garlic to your soup so that it can improve your immunity.

Furthermore, sprouts are rich in nutrients and can help you eat healthier during this chilly season. Make sure to wash them thoroughly before you snack on them, you can even add them to salads and more.

Similarly, turmeric, if you do not already use it in your food, now is a good time to start. Turmeric has a multitude of benefits, it has earned itself such a good name because it carries some very useful medicinal properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant properties in it. This usefulness of turmeric makes it a favorite of most people especially with symptoms of the abovementioned ailments. Try this to have double benefits this summer.

Cumin And Fenugreek: These two ingredients immensely help in the digestion of your food. It is a common observation that during the monsoon, we tend to digest food much slower and suffer from a lot more digestion-related issues such as acidity. The addition of these two Secret Ingredients For Monsoon Foods in your diet will help to keep your tummy happy and of course you too. Given the tendency to eat more and more, we eat much comparatively, and when you have such ingredients that can make digestion easy, what is the worry then. Just, eat and be merry.

Water: Needless to say during monsoon, you do not feel the need to drink water as you do on other days. But, you always need to keep your body well hydrated. There are lots of water-borne diseases, be very careful where you drink the water from. Therefore, it is always better to carry your own bottle of boiled/filtered water with you.

So, the whole point is that you must be conscious not to eat pre-cut fruits and vegetables too, as this is the season where the bacteria grow and multiply in no time.

Other Monsoon Foods

Some other very useful diets during this season include:

Probiotics And Fermented Food

In order to have resilience in face of monsoon, you should include more probiotics and fermented food, like yogurt, buttermilk, pickled veggies, in your diet to make sure that your gut flora is happy amid the chill outside. When it comes to probiotics, these are good bacteria that live in our gut or intestinal tract. These bacteria can help fight off disease-fighting germs as well as bad bacteria from thriving in our bodies.

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Lemon is the need of the hour given its properties of carrying pure vitamin C, and also it is great for your immunity. Apart from this, it fights infections, eases digestion, strengthens bones, and does a lot more good things for your body. You might not know that lemon zest is as nutritious as the flesh. Full of bioactive compounds and flavonoids, lemon pulp lemon zest is an incredible addition to your Monsoon Diet. You can use it in any way, sprinkle lemon juice on your food, grind lemon zest to a dish, or simply drink a glass of lemonade, this citrusy delight will take care of your nutrition and immunity.

Pakistani Masala Chai

Last but certainly not least, tea is a must as the Monsoon Season Season Drink. It will not be an exaggeration if I call it a “National Beverage”. One thing that we consume the most in our routine is tea and especially in the monsoon and winter season, its consumption gets doubled due to its warming effect. When the perfect olio of spices, like ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, tulsi leaves, and dried black pepper, go into the boiling water with the right proportion of tea leaves and milk, a natural immunity-boosting brew goes into the making, what we dearly call tea. Also, cardamom and cloves are effective against many infections, and peppercorns prevent and soothe symptoms like cold and flu. I personally call it a panacea!

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