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Things to do at Ormara Beach Karachi Trip on Weekend

Things to do at Ormara Beach Karachi Trip on Weekend

Are you getting tired of your daily lethargic routine? Do not worry! I will tell you about a secret place where you can take a refreshing break! from Ormara beach trip, the magnificent Ormara beach Located the Makran coastal highway is a hidden gem which offers you an amicable ambience that is quite enough to resurrect your body and soul as well as your mind after your tiresome hectic routine life. 

Historical Background 

History reveals that the Great emperor Alexander the Great encamped at the point Ormara town for few days before conquering the vast and rich lands of Sindh, broad fertile lands of Punjab   and peaceful lands of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of modern-day Pakistan. The city was named in the owner of one of the legendary general of Alexander the Great, Ormoz, who died there during camping before war around 400 BC. 

Brief Description 

Pakistan’s largest province by area, Baluchistan is home to the tremendous Ormara town. The town specifically located at the junction point of Karachi and Gwada of but the area of Ormara beach comes under the territory of Gwadar of Baluchistan. At the distance of 230 kilometers East of Gwadar of the Arabian Sea and 360 kilometers West of Karachi you can find the beautiful port city Ormara at the Makran Coastal region. 

The Virgin Ormara beach is home to very magnificent newly built resorts attractive restaurants and recreational amusement centers. You can book a cheerful room for yourself if you are a camping lover in all-weather camps.

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Plan a Short Tour Ormara Beach Trip

Ormara beach is one of the best places to make some unforgettable memories with your family or friends. The triumphant blue water of the Arabian Sea has the ability to amuse the visitors and tourism who go there no only from Pakistan but also from all over the world for the sake of entertainment.  Moreover, anyone can easily be indulged in the refreshing roaring sound of Arabian Sea. 

Things to do at Ormara Beach

Enjoy the open-air Movie Night

How romantic it would be to watch a movie while lying on the beach under the glittering stars at night? The open-air theater set up on the automatic beach can fulfill your said dream. It is the best place to enjoy latest movies with your family and friends. Furthermore, a slight addition of popcorn can enhance the taste of watching movie. 

Beachside Camping and Bonfire

Attention camping lovers! Attention! Do you want to know about the best Camping beach in Pakistan? Yes! Let me mentioned that, Ormara beach in Pakistan is the most scenic beach in the country where you can enjoy camping with your loved ones.

You can backpack your own camps but I would like to recommend you that do not forget to enjoy the camping in the all-weather camps available at the beach. In addition to camping, you can find absolutely perfect place for Bonfire because camping without bonfire is definitely incomplete.

Beach Sports and Games

Beach sports and games were the icon of elite class once, but now a days these have become popular among the ordinary class of society. Adventure lovers of all classes move towards the beaches to fulfill their adventurous dreams. I must say Ormara beach is very suitable for this purpose. You can enjoy variety of beach games in this beach such as,

•           Ultimate Frisbee

•           Beach Buggy Racing

•           Beach Volleyball

•           Beach Flags

•           Beach Football

Hingol National Park

Angle National Park has the owner to be the largest National Park in Pakistan. The title of National Park was given to it in in 1988. The presence of desserts plans an natural rock formation etc. gives it a unique look that’s why it attracts the domestic as well as international tourists every year. The presence of deep forest in the North and mighty barren mountain range to the South makes the boundary wall of Hingole National Park. Large number of families can be seen in this park on weekends. 

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Night Walk Beach (safe and secure)

Ormara beach is the heaven for romantic couples. In the night most of the newlywed couples knot their hands together and hit the beach for a long walk. The panoramic view around them and  cool pleasant wind coming from the seashore make them more romantic. Must visit this place with your wife preferably in summers.  

Refreshment away from Noise Pollution

The Hustle and bustle of the big cities make a person more waspish. It is the place where you can enjoy a pleasant time away from the noise pollution of the society.

Quality meal (Brunch, Breakfast, Dinner)

Wohoooo Yummy! The restaurants here offer supper delicious food to their visitors. For the foodies, it is a heaven for taste. Visit there to enjoy the heavenly taste of delicious foods. 

Enjoy photo session

The panoramic view and the natural beauty of this site make it more photogenic. Those who want to catch every event of their memory by taking photos, then I strongly recommend this place for you. It is a must visiting place for the purpose of photographic session.

Visit Kund Malir Beach and Golden Beach

Kund Malir Beach nad Golden Beach are very adjacent to Ormara Beach. After getting tired of enjoying at Ormara beach, you can move to Kund Malir Beach and Golden Beach for more entertainment. 

In addition to these mention about activities you can also enjoy some other activities such as, camel riding, Swimming, Jogging, Horse Riding, etc

Before making any plane to visit this beach, make sure that you will follow Covid-SOPs to discourage the separation of crona virus among the cities.

SOPs for safe and Secure Tourism in Pakistan

  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • All the time during travel, keep mask and hand sanitizer with you
  • Random temperature checks during the trip
  • Proper disinfecting of hotel rooms/ Camps before staying 
  • Proper disinfection of vehicle before the commencement of Journey

These are mentioned in wake of the current Covid-19 related SOPs and if you visit some other time,  hopefully after this pandemic vanishes for once and all, you can do as you wish. 

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