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Tips To Keep Your Home Security Cameras Hidden From Potential Burglars

Tips To Keep Your Home Security Cameras Hidden From Potential Burglars

Nobody wants to consider their house being broken into. Still, the reality is that it can happen to anyone even people who have never been the victims of a crime before. Suppose you’re worried about having your home invaded and searched by someone looking for valuables. In that case, you should consider installing security cameras in your home—but where do you put them? This article will help you choose the best tips to hide your home security cameras so that your intruders won’t be able to spot them before they get caught on film.

Creative Ways To Hide Indoor Security Camera

There are two main methods of hiding security cameras: camouflaging them as something else or disguising them with shapes and colors. Each technique has its pros and cons. But both provide homeowners with peace of mind.

Camouflage a camera in a common household item: 

This is one of the most popular methods for hiding cameras. Many people use everyday objects like pencil sharpeners, clocks, picture frames, and books to hide their cameras. Taping or tacking a small camera onto an object makes it look like part of that object. Just ensure you place them somewhere that won't be knocked over or disturbed too often.

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Use colors and shapes to conceal a camera

Another great option to hide your home security cameras is using colors and shapes. It can be done in two ways: by painting, wrapping, or placing them in a naturally colored or shaped object. You can do both! Please make sure you choose objects that blend in with their surroundings, so they don't stand out too much.

Hiding inside furniture

If you don't want people to know you have a camera in your house, it's not a bad idea to hide it in something that isn't inherently obvious. Bookshelves, lamps, and cabinets are great places to slip a camera. Make sure it is hidden behind furniture so no one can see its lens.

Hiding behind plants

It is one of the best tips to hide your home security cameras. Many people use indoor plants to decorate their homes and provide privacy. If you already have a collection, it's easy to hide a camera behind them. The camera should be powerful enough to see who's walking by while still being small enough not to be spotted easily. Make sure to place your plant near an outlet so you don't need extension cords running across your floor. You may also want to consider putting some fake leaves in front of where you mount your camera—this will help camouflage it even more.

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Hide a camera in a wall

Making an ordinary socket look like a camera is another excellent approach to conceal it on a wall. Just get a camera with a wide-angle lens and plug it into any outlet in plain sight. Now you have a working power source, and no one will notice. These wall-mounted cameras' simple yet elegant design blends with the most decors. It can be easily camouflaged among paintings or other wall hangings.


Use dustbins to conceal the home security camera

You can use trash cans to conceal the cameras. The most overlooked item in any home is the waste bin. Nobody ever observes what is in or around the litter pail. Therefore, it would be an excellent location to conceal your home security camera from potential prey. To accomplish this, drill a tiny hole that is precisely the camera's lens size and insert the camera into it. After that, put the dustbin in your living room where it won't look out of place.

Hide a security camera in a window

If you want to use a wireless camera to watch over your house but don't want people outside or inside to see it, get creative with it. If you look at it too long, it might be evident that there's a camera mounted in a window. But if you put another object in front of it that's inconspicuous, like a plant or curtain, people won't even notice you have surveillance going on. You can also hide a camera in a painted window. For this, you have to color the camera with the window's tint. This way, it will look like a part of the window and will not get any attention.

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How To Hide Cctv Camera Outdoors?

There are many ways that you can use to hide your home security cameras outdoors:

Hiding it inside a fake birdhouse or a stuffed animal:

It is probably one of the most common and effective methods to hide your camera outdoors. You can place your camera inside a fake birdhouse, buy an actual stuffed animal (like a dog), and then place your camera in its stomach. The benefit of using these types of items as hiding spots for your cameras is that they are already designed to look like something else, so there's no need for you to go out and buy anything extra

Hanging them from trees using fishing line

Another way to hide your security camera outdoors is to hang it from a tree branch using a fishing line or similar material that blends in with its surroundings. This method of hiding CCTV cameras outdoors is ideal for areas with plenty of trees and bushes, such as in gardens and yards.

Using fake solar panels as well as fake air conditioners

Fake Solar panels and air conditioners are great options for covering up a camera because they're small, light, and can be easily attached to any wall or fence without attracting too much attention. 

Use faux rocks to hide a home security camera

People would commonly buy fake rock ornaments and use them in their gardens and other outdoor spaces to add a little aesthetic appeal to them. You can buy one and then mount your camera on top of it. If you are not into buying fake rocks, you can make your own by using Styrofoam. Make sure it has been appropriately painted so as not to look out of place.

Final thoughts

Everyone wants to keep burglars out of his house, but it's harder than you may imagine. As a result of robbers' increasing intelligence, security cameras are now being tricked by modern technologies. However, with these tips to hide home security camera, no one will be able to find your camera since the information provided in these techniques is so irrelevant that no one will even consider installing a camera or keeping a spy eye on it. So, give these suggestions a try and secure your home.

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