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Top 10 Best Visiting Places in Baluchistan Pakistan 2021

Top 10 Best Visiting Places in Baluchistan Pakistan 2021

Baluchistan, the largest province of Pakistan by area, is located in the west of Pakistan. It is home to 1.3 crore people and covers 44 % of the area of Pakistan. The people of Baluchistan or Baluchistan belong to different ethnic groups like Bloch, Pashtuns, Brahuis and Hazara. It is the strategically most important province of Pakistan because it shares borders with many other countries of the world like; Afghanistan to the northwest, the Arabian Sea to the south and Iran to the west. There are some of the bewitching and best places to visit in Balochistan 2021 that offer a very rich sight and a genuine feast to the sour eyes.

 Furthermore, it shares borders with 3 provinces of Pakistan which are; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the northeast, Sindh to the southeast, and Punjab. Not only the neighboring countries and borders have enhanced its importance but also Gwadar Port, the 3rd deepest seaport in the world, which is situated in Pakistan has also enhanced the importance of this province in the political arena of the world.

I am going to mention some of the must visit tourist Balochistan beautiful places which are following

  • Hanna Lake
  • Mehrgarh
  • Gwadar Seaport
  • Moola Chotok Waterfalls
  • Hingol National Park
  • Kud Malir Beach
  • Bolan Pass
  • Hinglaj Mata Temple
  • Princess O Hope
  • Gondrani Cave

Baluchistan Famous Places 2021

Hanna Lake

The magnificent Hanna lake is at the door of Urak valley. It is at the distance of 40 minutes driving from Quetta city. The calmness and stillness of perfectly transparent blue water attract domestic as well as international tourist towards itself. People resurrect their body mind and soul by enjoying the natural ambiance which they find in the surroundings o Hanna Lake. You must visit here if you want to spend quality time with your family or friends. A spacious, positively clean restaurant is also available there under the shades of palm trees, along the lakeside, to entertain the guests.


 The Neolithic spot, Mehargarh, is located on Baluchistan’s Kacchi plans. The famous Bolan Pass and Indus rivers are the neighbors of the archeological site, Mehargarh. The site is actually proof of the beginning of herding and farming in South Asia. Many astonishing ceramics and mummies of 2500 B.C have been found in this site by different archeological teams. It is the best archeological tourist point which mainly attracts those who are crazy to explore history.

Gwadar Seaport

How can we forget to discuss Gwadar seaport if we are discussing tourist points in Baluchistan? Gwadar is considered the beauty of Balochistan and the man made heaven on earth. I suggest you to keep Gwader port on the top priority to visit if you are going to visit Baluchistan. The best housing societies in Gwadar, recreational parks, eye-catching pearl gray virgin beaches compels every tourist to call it the paradise on earth. There are many benefits of visits to Gwadar.  Firstly, as a tourist, you can enjoy the beauty of Gwadar with your family and friends. Secondly and the most important is that, that you will come to know the strategic, economical and geographical importance of this third deepest seat port. It is the Gateway to the Central Asian countries, not only this but most of the trade of China and Pakistan under the umbrella of CPEC occurs through Gwadar seaport.

Moola Chotok Waterfalls

In the village of Moola of Khuzdar District Balochistan, there is a tremendous waterfall which is known as Moola Chotok the best waterfall in Pakistan. The stupendous Mola Chotok waterfall is the second most beautiful waterfall of Pakistan, after the Manthoka waterfall of kharmang, Gilgit  Baltistan. You can easily see swimming fish under the icy cold and crystal clear water. Furthermore, you can enjoy the very clear and stunning scenery of the milky ways at night from an unaided eye.

Hingol National Park

Do you know which the largest National Park in Pakistan is? Try to make a guess  Yes!  You are absolutely right. It is Hingol National Park which is situated in the coastal regions of Makran. It is spread over 6,100 square kilometers and 190 km away from Karachi.

It is considered one of the most hospitable and exotic places for adventure lovers in Pakistan. The Park has many spots to entertain all type o adventure lovers like hikers, cyclists, as well as beach lovers. In addition to this, the park is home to more than 289 animals and 257 plant species.  Not only this, but a variety of species of mammals, aquatic animals, amphibians, reptiles and migratory birds can be found in this park.  All these mentioned attributes of this park make it the most favorable place for wildlife photographers.

Mentioned above is the limited list of the most attractive and perfect tourist places in Balochistan. There are many other famous and worth mentioning tourist points which are present in the territory downtrodden province of Pakistan, Baluchistan. Some other most sequentially visited places o Baluchistan is following,

Kud Malir Beach

Best place for camping, located in Hingol National Park. The area of Kud Malir Beach is surrounded by lush green grass which makes the spot most amusing and most attractive. It is also located in Hingol National Park, 150 km away from zero-point on Makran Coastal Highway.

Bolan Pass

The Bolan pass is 120km away from Afghanistan border which connects sibbi with Quetta by railway as well as by road. It passes through the Toba Kakar Range.

Hinglaj Mata Temple

This historical temple is in a small village of Makran Coast, Hinglaj.  It is also known as Nani Mandir and Hingula Devi. It is one of the best tourist spots which attracts Hindu tourist from all over the world. The worshipers of Hindus come here in every year and feel satisfaction by doing their holly deeds. There are also old Hindu temples in Pakistan which are very important for Pakistan as well the Hindu community.

Princess O Hope

Along with the Makran Coastal Highway, there is a natural rock formation this one of the famous historical places in Balochistan which has become the epicenter of tourist interest for many years. This rock formation displays that a princess is looking beyond the horizons for hope.  An interesting piece of information about this rock is that, that it has not been made by any sculptor but the strong winds coming from the sea have change the unshaped muddy rock into a beautiful sculpture of a princess.

Along with its strategic location, Baluchistan’s heavenly beauty is very famous in the world of Adventure. The gorgeous tourist spots of Baluchistan attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. The hospitable Baluch warmly welcome tourist from different countries on their land with great acceptance.


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