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Top 10 Black Stainless Steel Appliances Pros and Cons

Top 10 Black Stainless Steel Appliances Pros and Cons

Black Stainless Steel is made from the same alloys that are used for usual silvery steel. The difference is just the outer covering of Black oxide that gives the color and extra immunity to it. If you are thinking about purchasing that Black Stainless Steel refrigerator or any other appliances you found in a nearby store but don’t know if it’s worth your money, then this article is for you. We all love our kitchen appliances to be in accordance with modern-day fashion and at the same time clean, durable and long-lived. Like all other devices, Black Stainless Steel appliances have their ups and downs. In this article, we will look at Black Stainless Steel Appliances Pros and Cons. 

Pros of Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Black can Never go Wrong

If you are renewing your kitchen and can’t decide which colour to choose, always go for black. Black gives a stylish touch whether it’s your wardrobe or kitchen appliance. It looks fabulous and elegant at the same time. It will keep your kitchen trendy. Black, being the favourite colour of stylists, always stays in fashion. So you don’t have to change your appliances with the changing fashion. It looks beautiful in contrast with grey kitchen cabinets and becomes prominent. So always consider the black stainless steel appliances and make them a first choice for your kitchen gadgets. 

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Rust, Fire, Heat Resistance

Both Stainless steel and Black Stainless Steels are made from the same basic ingredients i.e. carbon, chromium, nickel, iron and silicon. But the difference between them is that Black Stainless Steel has got an extra layer for protection. It is covered in black oxide, which keeps iron from rusting. It also makes it resistant to rust, fire and heat, the qualities we look for in nearly every gadget.


One of the most important qualities to look in kitchen gadgets is long life. Because you don’t want to keep spending money on these high-priced appliances again and again so always opt for one which has long life and guarantee. Luckily Black Stainless Steel has this quality that is long lived and durable. The extra layer of black oxide keeps it from rusting, heat and scratches. So it will avoid any damage to its structure and will also look new for a long time.


You must be tired of removing those spots and stains from your refrigerator door or washing machine. Then Black Stainless Steel Appliances are your rescuer. They are immune to marks. You don’t have to clean it every second. Its black metallic shiny surface will give a neat and tidy look to your appliances.

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Easy to Clean

They don’t need a lot of hard work for cleaning like regular gadgets. Instead, a damp cloth and any dishwashing soap will do the job. For this reason they are very comfortable to use. Avoid using harsh chemicals and strong detergents as they can peel off the coating and that could be a real headache for you. Also be careful to use a soft piece of cloth as you don’t want to rub the surface too hard. Otherwise, microfiber cloth would be the best choice. After cleaning you can rub with a cloth dipped in baby oil to keep the surface smudge proof.

Cons of Black Stainless Steel Appliances


Easy to Scratch

Nobody likes scratches and damage. Black Stainless Steel appliances have a downside that they are affected by scraps and scrawls, and yeah they look bad. Black surface even makes the slightest scratch too prominent. So you must handle them carefully. A little tip is that if you have got a scratch you can hide it with the help of a black marker.

Non Magnetic

Many people paste their to-do lists or coming birthdays, anniversaries and important dates on their kitchen appliances mainly their refrigerator. But let me tell you, you might not do this with Black Stainless Steel Appliances. Some coverings of appliances are not magnetic and even if they are we recommend not putting magnets on it because the magnet will leave smudges and give an untidy look. At the same time, it may scratch the shiny metallic surface. So it would be a better option avoiding it.

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While our list of Black Stainless Steel Appliances Pros and Cons goes on let us tell you, it may look stylish in your kitchen and keeps away smudges and watermarks but it can also cost you a little more money as compared to standard rates for appliances. While prices vary depending on which brand you are considering but a difference of 3000 to 5000 rupees may be expected in the price range. You can get the same appliance with the same features and result much cheaper in simple steel. Extra money is for its trendy look and color.


Prone to Peeling

Black Stainless Steel is covered with an extra layer of Black oxide and it makes it resistant to corrosion, smudges and heat. But this feature exposes the outer layer to peeling. With time and rough use this layer may be removed and expose the underlying surface. It destroys the visual appeal and exposes the lower layer to corrosion. This has been the major complaint of the users. Always keep this in mind before buying it.

Difficulty in Matching 

As we know sometimes the upper layer peels off, so you might think about renewing it from market. But finding the exact same color and design is not a piece of cake. Also if you are conscious of matching one gadget with the other then Black Stainless Steel might create some problem. Every company has their own different color shades and to find another appliance exactly matching the first one is quite a headache.

This is an extensive list of Black Stainless Steel Appliances Pros and Cons. If you are inclined towards a modern and tidy look then you can turn a blind eye to some of the cons mentioned above. But if you want a gadget that is economical then you can opt for some other option. Either way we hope that we may have made the choice a little easier for you.

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