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A Complete Guide on Buying a Water Dispenser in Pakistan

A Complete Guide on Buying a Water Dispenser in Pakistan

Water is one of the most important aspects of human life. Without water, survival is extremely difficult. As the world progresses toward success, new technology is introduced, and new terminology is established for everything. Similarly, since the water dispenser was added, getting water has gotten much easier. They're an excellent choice for drinking both hot and cold beverages because they may be used anyplace there's an electrical outlet. Many people have bought dispensers, and you may have been motivated by seeing them because you had to fill the water bottles and store them in the refrigerator before. So, before getting a water dispenser for your home we suggest you go through this article as it is a complete guide on buying a water dispenser in Pakistan.

Things to Know Before Buying a Water Dispenser in Pakistan

Learn about Maintenance beforehand

You must maintain anything you acquire in order to keep it secure and reliable. So, if you are going to buy a water dispenser, you must also know how you can maintain it. It may be kept clean by cleaning it on a regular basis. To avoid any circumstances that could result in unfavorable conditions, remove the water tray as soon as it fills. If you have little children, you can also invest in and get a water dispenser with a child lock option.

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Size and Capacity

When purchasing a water dispenser, the size and capacity are the most crucial factors to consider. In general, size refers to the dispenser's height and width. Meanwhile, capacity refers to the total amount of liquid it can hold. As a result, whenever you go to a store to buy a water dispenser, keep in mind the size of the space where the dispenser will be installed. Checking the size beforehand can be beneficial because you can then determine which dispenser is best for you.

Consumption of Power

All electric devices require some electrical energy to get started and function properly. Similarly, a water dispenser also requires electrical energy to work properly. The back of these gadgets has a cord that may be plugged into any electrical socket.  Even though many of the current dispenser models are energy-efficient, you should be aware that purchasing one will have a direct influence on your monthly electricity expenditures. Nonetheless, turning water dispensers only during specified hours is a smart strategy to use them in Pakistan without blowing up your utility bills. These devices continue to dispense water with a single tap or push even when unplugged. You won't be able to get cold or hot water until the appliance is turned on.

Warranty and Repairs

Consider purchasing a water dispenser that is covered by a guarantee, a guarantee can be the warranty cards provided by the companies. Most respectable companies provide a guarantee in the event that the appliance breaks down or malfunctions after it has been installed in your house. These deals are only good for a limited time, but they may come in useful if your device breaks down. These points can help you in buying the best water dispenser in Pakistan

Try to know the types

Before buying a water dispenser, you should know the types of water dispensers because this will help you choose a durable option for your home. So, there are two types of water dispensers. Firstly, Floor standing water dispensers, i.e., This is the most popular form of water dispenser seen in homes, workplaces, schools, clinics, and other public locations. These dispensers normally feature a water bottle mounted on top and a tiny refrigerated compartment at the bottom. These gadgets can hold up to 19-liter water bottles, depending on their size and weight. Secondly, countertop water dispensers, that is, Countertop water dispensers are both practical and economical. They are miniature copies of floor-standing units that can be simply put on kitchen counters or any other flat surface in your house. The nice thing about these units is that they don't take up a lot of space and use very little power.

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Select the best brand

Many brands in Pakistan are offering water dispensers, some of them are Pel, Homage, Eco Star, Gree, Orient, Haier, Changhong Ruba, etc. These all brands have different dispensers with different sizes and capacities and features. Some of the prices to give you a rough estimate are mentioned below, but these prices can vary accordingly. PEL costs pkr 21,000, Orient costs pkr 25,500, Homage costs pkr 21,500, Gree costs pkr 27,000, Haier costs pkr 22,500 and Eco star costs pkr 22,500.  We recommend you review all these brands before buying a dispenser and select the one that is economical and is also fulfilling the requirement of your household.


It's crucial to think about where water dispensers should be and how many people they should serve. Freestanding water dispensers are best for small spaces such as your house, gym, or small workplace with a limited number of people, whereas Direct Piping Water Dispensers are best for large spaces such as schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

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Water Temperature

Water dispensers’ main feature is that it allows us to get water in many ways. While giving you Pakistan water dispensers one more interesting thing is that it can have more features like Ice cold water, hot water for tea and coffee, or room temperature water can all be dispensed by a water dispenser. The ability to deliver both hot and cold water is a characteristic of a multipurpose dispenser. Therefore, a multipurpose dispenser can be the best bet for you.

Look for Some More Features

Water dispenser costs in Pakistan are mostly determined by extra features such as cup holders, which allow you to stack cups on the appliance for convenient access, or built-in mini-refrigerators, which may quickly cool your beverages and food. Furthermore, many water dispensers include detachable drip trays that not only prevent water from spilling on the floor while filling a glass but are also exceedingly easy to clean. You should also make certain that the dispenser you choose is composed of sturdy materials, has a high-quality compressor, and is energy efficient.

Finally, here ends our complete guide on buying water dispenser machines in Pakistan and we think now you all would have no difficulty in bringing the best water dispenser home.

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