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Tourist Guide to Turtle Beach Karachi

Tourist Guide to Turtle Beach Karachi

There are numerous tourist destinations and worth-seeing places in the ‘city of lights’ and Turtle Beach Karachi is one, which is widely known to the local and international tourists. It has got a wide variety of incentives and attractions that pull the crown towards itself even transcending the boundaries. Turtle beach is located between Hawke’s Bay and Sandspit, this beach is another breeding spot for rare green turtle species. So, you must have known by now that it is named as turtle beach. Because of nature of fertility of this area for turtles, its name has been kept as turtle beach but that does not mean that you need to be scared or perplexed in any about the turtles.

As many people get scared at idea of it because they have not seen such a creature in their lives. Even if you are laboring under such misconception about turtles being dangerous, you are absolutely misinformed about them.  They are innocuous beings. You can spot these turtles creeping in and out of the sea usually after sunset in the winter months. The enchanting blue water is one of the main attractions of this beach. Turtle beach is very famous tourist spot and picnic place in Karachi. It’s a naturally sandy beach where no rocks and reefs. It is located between Hawkesbay and sandspit. In summers, rare species of Green and Olive Ridley Turtles come to lay eggs in the Southwest beaches of Karachi, especially to the Sandspit Beach and the Hawks bay Beach.

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The name “Sandspit” itself refers to pits made by Turtles to burry eggs. These pits can be observed on the beach side during summer months and are a very delight sight to watch. During the nesting period, one can witness the never-before-seen sight of turtles creeping in and out of the sea mostly after the sunset. These turtles form tractor like tracks and offer a very interesting sight all around alongside the beach. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has also set-up a Wetland Center at Sandspit Beach to disseminate awareness about turtle conservation methods. These beaches also host various other gorgeous and mostly rare marine species in the likes of Algae, Snails, and Crabs.


Turtle Beach Map and Location

Turtle beach is located a bit far from Karachi City in a place that is free of the humdrum of the city and offers a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the serenity in the company of whispering waters.

Turtle Beach Weather and Temperature

The weather is moderate here. It is neither displeasingly warm nor very cool rather it is pleasing as compared to the weather and temperature of the Karachi city. Mostly the weather is chill in evening and night.


Turtle Beach Distance from Karachi

It is located in south west 30km away from the Main city of Karachi. You can have a drive available at any time of the day or night at a very affordable prices. You can hire a local taxi or avail the services of Careen or Uber.   


Things to Do at Karachi Turtle Beach

To start with, a picnic at Turtle Beach Karachi is as pleasurable as it is unavoidable. Imagine yourself walking in the beach and most importantly when you walk bare feet, it is an experience that is hardly can be defined in words. It is scientifically proven that walking bare feet in a surface is highly advantageous as it helps in smooth supply of oxygen and digestion but remember that the surface is congenial. That means the sand there is not too hot to peel off your skin or too cold to free your feet. Anyways, the beach here is perfect for a bare feet walk.

Moreover, if you are a person who is not found of walking or jogging than here is the deal for you. The local tour groups here offer a wide range of fun picnic activities including speed boating and jet skiing. Interesting! See how abound it is terms of facilitating you to have a good visit of the beach. Even if you still find some more adventurous and interesting activity to busy yourself in, than you have the option of fishing. I bet, you would love it.  There are local fishermen in the area who can rent you the required gear and even help catch the fish that you can later cook and eat.

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Furthermore, you can also enjoy camel and horse rides on Turtle Beach. Make sure to negotiate and settle on the price for each ride beforehand to avoid any inconveniences later. Just a suggestion. You can also go swimming in this ocean, it is not advisable to go for it particularly during the high tides unless you are a professional swimmer and know how to wrestle against the odds in the deep waters. However, there are several lifeguards present on Karachi Turtle Beach, making it a relatively safer option for expert and professional swimmers. 


Besides the activities mentioned above there are also a recreational activities for the children. They can make sandcastles, play beach frisbee or play volleyball in the softer sand surface and fly a kite. When it comes to the entertainment of sports of children since they are bubbly and unrestrainedly vivacious, beach side is the best place because the sand here is favorable for them to stumble without the fear of getting hurt. As a responsible citizen or global citizen be careful not to disturb other beachgoers and avoid littering. You also need to be careful not to damage the turtle eggs buried a few inches down in the sand. 

Lastly, for accommodation purpose there are several huts in turtle beach. Most of them are equipped with furniture, electricity connection and heavy backup generators. Also, there are gas cylinders for cooking, private parking space, lifeguards and security guards among other facilities. Some of them even have a designated barbecue area and large ocean-facing terrace so that you can have the crispy bite of the fish you caught in here. At most, these huts can accommodate 25 to 30 people at a time. So, turtle beach is a must-visit place.


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