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Travelers Guide to Soon Valley Sakesar Pakistan 2022

Travelers Guide to Soon Valley Sakesar Pakistan 2022

If you have heard or read about a destination described in the novel by a Romantic poet in full swing of his/her imagination and you doubt that how such a wonderland can exist on this planet Earth, then you are mistaken. Such places do exist and one of which is Soon Valley Sakesar Weather. It is like a cup nested by rolling unsymmetrical green hills that look like an imaginary creation yet a real vista. Known for its natural beauty and break-taking ambiance the valley provides a unique and safe sanctuary to a host of rare migratory birds in winter. The feat of nature that you imagine can be found here from lakes, springs, sanctuaries of wildlife, lush green fertile fields, versatile mountains, dense mixed forests, amazing landscape, rich archaeology, pre-historic sites, ancient history and brave peoples of high traditions.

The temperature here is neither too cold nor too hot rather it is mild to pleasant in the summer and a bit on the colder side in winters. Soon Valley Khushab Pakistan is just heavenly in all seasons, especially when the monsoon clouds hover over the beautiful valley and a chill breeze races down Sakesar to greet the nature-loving tourists.

Moreover, this magnificent Valley is situated in the northwest of District Khushab, Punjab. The Valley’s starting point is Padhrar village and ends at Sakesar which is the highest peak in Salt Range. It is not just a piece of land amid the not-so-pleasing scenery rather it is quite stretched area and the approximate length of Soon Valley is 35 miles (56 km) and the average width is 9 miles (14 km).

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Soon Valley Location

It is located at a height of 1, 530 m (5,010 feet) above sea level, Sakesar, the highest mountain in the Salt Range hangs over the beautiful Uchali Lake. Back in time, it used to be a summer headquarters for the Deputy Commissioners of three districts – Campbelpur (now Attock), Mianwali and Shahpur (now Sargodha). Interestingly, it is the only mountain in this part of Punjab which receives snowfall in winters. Additionally, its geographic location is also of some importance and in that prospect, PAF selected it in the late-50s as the site for a high powered radar which would provide air defense cover for the northeastern part of the Western wing. In order to provide terrestrial transmission coverage to adjoining areas, Pakistan Television’s re-broadcasting center has been installed in here.

Places to Visit in Soon Valley Kalar Kahar

Uchali Lake Chakwal

Among the tourist destinations around Soon Valley Chakwal Uchali Lake is one that has many adventure lovers.  Especially owing to its boating facility, Uchali Lake is among the top tourist attractions in the valley of Soon. The highest mountain in the salt range, Sakasar ends at this lake. Its scenic beauty and the serene and calming effect of water make it an ideal place to sit by and spend some time.

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Jahlar Lake

It is one of the least visited lakes of the valley mainly because it is a bit hidden in terms of its location. The lake is situated near the village Jahlar and it overs a huge area of land. Its area underwater is approximately 148 acres. In winter, it is a hub to some unique migratory birds that fly over from distant places and in summer they make their return back to the native countries. One reason of its being less explored it due to the acidic water.  One can even wash clothes with its water without any soup. Moreover, in terms of adventure and recreation, the lake does not contain any facilities like boating or fishing.

Khabeki Lake

This is a Lake that is kind of unavoidable of the visit because it happens to be on the way. When you visit Uchali Lake and coming from Kalar Kahar or Talagang side, (unless you take the Sodhi road route) you happen to pass by this Lake on the way. The lake is surrounded by bewitching greenery that provides a great sight for the eyes. Uchali and Khabeki both lakes attract hundreds of migratory birds each year and are ideal haven especially for bird lovers.

Moreover, there are also other beautiful lakes and sights you can visit in Soon valley Pakistan like Kufri Waterfalls, Sodhi/Sultan Mehdi Waterfalls etc which are equally good and popular among tourists.

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Other Commercial Areas Soon Valley

Naushera is the only town of the valley which is at the heart of Soon Valley Chashma is surrounded by high hills, jungles, beautiful lakes, natural pools and ponds. Naushera also embraces in its lap ancient civilization, natural resources, and fertile farms. The major settlement of the valley ‘Nausehra’ lies almost in the geographical center of the valley and is located at 72″ II’ 29″ north latitude and 32″ 34′ 58″ west longitude. The general height of surrounding hills is around 2500 feet above sea level, with several peaks reaching over 3000 feet. Here you would have all the facilities available from ATMs to internet cafes and other modern amenities.

How to Get Soon Valley Beauty?

Soon Valley from Islamabad

If you travel from Islamabad/Rawalpindi, enter on M2 motorway towards Lahore, move out of motorway from Balkasar Interchange and travel towards Talagang and drive on Khushab road up to Jaba mor. Naushera is 25km from Jaba village. The total distance from Islamabad to Naushahra is 240 km.

Soon Valley From Lahore

While coming from Lahore, enter on M2 motorway towards Islamabad and move out of Motorway from Kalar Kahar interchange, then travel to Padhrar and Pail villages that are the easternmost villages of Soon Valley, take a turn from Pail Chowk to Jaba Mor. It normally takes much more time than usual owing to bad road conditions and the total distance from Lahore to Naushahra is 309 km.

Hope the information provided so far has been satisfying in making this place a must spot on your travel destination list. These are perhaps just half of what the place has in actual to present and it has always been among the top tourist destination that has attracted scores of tourist from far and wide. 

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