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Beautiful Natural Lakes in Pakistan 2021

Beautiful Natural Lakes in Pakistan 2021

Pakistan, the land of pure, is a special creation of Almighty. It is not only full of natural scenery of lash green planes but also home to some of the amazing lakes in the world. Most importantly these lakes are natural and special benisons of creator. Especially the Northern part of Pakistan is full of break-taking lakes that not only carry crystal clear waters but also full of delicious fish. These beautiful natural lakes in Pakistan 2021 are the most famous ones but not certainly the only ones. The list is pretty lengthy, these are just some of them. If you really want to explore and enjoy the best Pakistan holidays destinations then you must consider visiting these Pakistan’s largest lakes.

They are so magnificent and eye-catching that you get spell bound, if you do not buy our words for that then here we are taking you on the trip to these lakes.

Here we explore list of lakes in Pakistan in terms of their location and other features:

Said-Ul-Maluk Lake

Saif-ul-Maluk Lake is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in Pakistan that has got accredition from international travelers. It is situated in Kaghan Valley Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and has an altitude of almost 3, 224 meters or 10,578 feet.

Saif-ul-Maluk Lake is spread over 2.5 square kilometres and one of the highest and the most famous lakes in Pakistan, with a depth of about 50 feet below the surface. The vicinity of the lake is equally fascinating surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the melting glaciers from these peaks continue to feed the lake round the year that flows on to make the Kunhar River. It takes 30 minutes to reach the lake from Naran Valley.

There is an interesting tale associated with this lake that you must listen from the locals once you visit this area. They will narrate you the tale of Saif-ul-Maluk, in which the Prince of Persia fell in love with a fairy princess at this very lake and also it is believed by the locals here that fairies come to dance in this place in moonlight. Once on the lake, in daytime you may take boat ride on the still and chilly waters or having a snowball fight.  The best of soothing part is that you can camp at the edge of the lake under the coruscating stars and whispering water. This is a very cherishable experience.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is largest natural lake in Pakistan located in Hunza valley of Gilgit Baltistan in the North. The altitude of this lake is 2,559 meters or 8,398 feet and considered to be the most scenic lake in Hunza Valley. This lake is vey young in age because it was in 2010 that a landslide blocked a section of the River Hunza and created Attabad Lake. It’s one of the best northern places to visit in Pakistan during winter. It is near to the Gojal region of Hunza valley.

Since Attabad Lake is the largest lake of Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan, spreading over 13.5 square kilometers, is often visited by tourists, both national and international in scores. The lake is deep as well as wide. The bluish waters of the lake run 358 feet deep that makes it favorable for boating, swimming, and jet skiing being and are the primary activities enjoyed by visitors. The backdrop of humongous mountains add further beauty to the already captivating scenery.

Sadpara Lake

If you are a Pakistan or even non-Pakistani, you must have read and heard in the news about the famous mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara who lost his life along with two other mountaineers while summiting K-2 in winter without oxygen. Rescue operations for months couldn’t trace them so were declared dead, so, this is the lake situated in his village Sadpara, in Skardu Valley at an altitude of 2,637 or 8,650 feet.

Sadpara Lake is the largest freshwater lake of Pakistan, spreading over 2.5 square kilometers. The Sadpara Stream flows into the lake, feeding the Satpara Dam, which supplies fresh water throughout Skardu Valley. In winter, as you know weather is Gilgit Baltistan gets extremely clement so plan your trip in Summer this is the time when this lake is at its peak beauty with crystal clear water.

Rush Lake

Rush Lake is located in the very locality of Attabad Lake, in the Nagar Valley. Hunza and Nagar are the adjacent districts. Rush is beautiful Pakistan highest lake being at 15,000 feet from sea level. Moreover, it is also named the 25th highest lake in the world. This lakes asks you to trek in order to reach here. There are two ways either from via a trek through the Nagar and Hopar valleys, or via a trek through the Hopar Glacier (Bualtar Glacier), and Miar Glacier. The way is obviously treacherous and mountainous, yet the views are truly stunning.

 You can have the panoramic views from the top of the surrounding mountain peaks of Malubiting or Malubiting West, Spantik or Golden Peak, Ultar Sar, Phuparash Peak, and Miar Peak.

Ratti Gali Lake

It is situated yet another beautiful dourist destination in the country _ Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Ratti Gali is a high-altitude Pakistan Natural lake at an altitude of 3,698 meter, fed by glacial waters of the mountains surrounding it in the beautiful Neelum Valley. Along with the beauty of Kashmir this lake in particular has attracted many from across and abroad the country. The lake’s beauty has inspired writers for years that have composed pieces with lush green grass, wildflowers, and cool winds creating a unique ambience. This lakes requires a bit of hike from the Dowarian base camp to reach here. You can also access Dowarian in vehicle within a 2.5-hour ride, before hiking up the mountain for an hour to get their finally. The surrounding here are equally captivating and full of natural scenery.

So, the wait for you must come to an end here given the details of these beautiful lakes. You a natural lover there is no better treat than a still running water in the company of nature where serenity and tranquility reign.

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