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5 Top Famous Paint Companies In Pakistan

5 Top Famous Paint Companies In Pakistan

Best Paints for Your House in Pakistan

No matter what the walls of your house are made up of, they still need one of the top Modern Wall Paint Designing Ideas to add exuberance and color. Besides, they also serve other purposes like preventing moisture and warming the house. Now that the house is ready to host you permanently and you have decided on the right shade of paint for your room, here is the hard part – choosing the right paint brand in Pakistan. Given that the Pakistani market is overflowing with multiple choices, choosing the right one is quite important, so we have painstakingly put together the best ones for you to benefit from.

Not only do reputable paint brands offer a wide range of varieties, but also the Best Paint Companies In Pakistan use high-quality pigments and binders which allow the paint to last longer with the glow shining. Also, an added benefit of these binders is that a simple wash can refresh the paints. These are some of the basic benefits of using branded paints aside from the avoidance of peeling and chopping and are therefore need to be kept in mind.  It is advisable on our part to nudge you that while walking into a paint shop, you can see aisles upon aisles of multiple brands of paints. Some are high-quality paints, others are cheap.  At the time choosing a cheap brand might seem like an easy choice, but in the long run, it would probably be heavy on your pocket.

We have put together a list of the Best Paint Companies In Pakistan that are the most in vogue and trusted ones

Diamond Paints

Diamond Paints are yet another widely used paints in Pakistan that bring their customer’s imaginations to life, by providing high-quality decorative and innovative products. It was established in 182. Through the employment of premium machinery, Diamond Paints has come a long way from when they started and set a name for themselves in both national and international markets.

Moreover, the chief factor in their success has been the company’s regard for customer satisfaction and keeping up with the international standards. The company also works towards uplifting the lives of the less fortunate in the company with its wide variety of options. By maintaining quality and bringing innovation, Diamond Paints claims to be Pakistan’s No. 1 Selling National Brand and with the passing years, its sphere of influence in the market get grown and widened. It has uncompromisingly earned a name for itself over the years.

Brighto Paints

Brighto Paints is one of the trusted multinational companies operating in Pakistan that was established in 1973 by Mr. Riaz Ahmed Sikka. The company is the first-ever national paint brand and has now become one of the most used and preferred paint companies in Pakistan, by keeping up the quality and not compromising on the standard. Going by our advice, Brighto Paints is your one-stop solution to all your paint-related needs.

They are also rich in colors and have a wide product range, with classy and modern colors. Additionally, their highly qualified technical staff of Engineers design customized products according to the local weather and preferences of the consumers, and perhaps that is the chief characteristic making them the best among the lot. Moreover, talk of the distinctions, it has won the Consumer’s Choice Award and the International Quality Crown Award.

Berger Paints

Berger Paints is one of the world’s largest paint manufacturers with a great reputation in the market. Over the years being one of the oldest paint manufacturers in the country, Berger Paints has developed a name for itself, which provides the company with an edge over its competitors. Berger came to Pakistan in 1950 and since then has been here winning hearts. 

In regards to its popularity, there are various reasons. The company has the most extensive product range, with products catering to almost all the price ranges and some beautiful colors. By using superior technology, not only does the company provide products with high quality, but also allows the company to offer customized services to harmonize with the weather or climatic conditions you live in. the quality and standard that it is been maintaining over the years account for its growing popularity.

Nippon Paints

Nippon Paints is a Japan-based paint manufacturer that has been operating in Pakistan for a long time now. Bagging an experience of more than130+ years, Nippon rules the market. It uses cutting-edge technology to meet the various needs and demands of its customers and comes up with creative solutions in many countries. Nippon Paints is known for its surface coatings, which give a charmingly decorative look to your walls. 

Nippon Paints has made a name for itself among the Pakistani masses. The testimony of that is its performances and satisfied clientele, along with the various awards the company has received in the like of Most Trusted Brand Award and ‘Asia Pacific Green Excellence Award NIPSEA. Prioritizing customer satisfaction the company carefully plays around with technology and provides customized services to its clients. Also, they allow customers to create a personalized palette to fill their lives with the color they wish.

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SPARCO Paints is yet another name that has carved a place for itself in the paint industry of Pakistan. It was founded in 1988.  Owing to its high quality and innovative products, the company has gained recognition in both national and international markets. Bringing in some state-of-the-art machinery, the company works on decorative, wood finishes and road marking paints. The routine research to constantly improve their product quality and innovative ideas to cater to the needs of the customers have been the trust builders for them in the hearts of the customers.

Moreover, SPARCO paints have shed light on the mental and emotional effects of the colors that can possibly have on you. Also, you can have a wide variety of colors to choose from. It is now your turn to choose one and bring vivacity and exuberance into your house!

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