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Best Creative Wall Painting Designs and Color Combination Ideas

Best Creative Wall Painting Designs and Color Combination Ideas

Walling painting is a necessary and important part of its make-up. A decent wall painting guarantees a cool-looking elegant house. It should be sober and classy. Splashing on a fresh coat of paint is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to refresh your home interiors. Aside from just painting the walls, you can also use them as the room’s accent or decor. With a little artistry and a lot of imagination, your walls can be highlights of the room or the house. Here are some easy and unique wall paint designs ideas that will instantly transform the wall from humdrum to classy and charming.


Top Creative Wall Painting Designs

 Check these out and have a look at these:

Random Rectangles

Cool, modern, and eye-catching, it is one of the most admired Best Home Decor Ideas. This easy-to-create wall paint feature will complement your modern home interiors and don’t need creative or artistic skills to complete. Just pick your favorite color palette and paint away random rectangles in different shades.


Nordic Blues

Blue-grey shades are typical of the cool, modern, and minimalist modern wall paint designing ideas. Use several shades of Nordic blues to cover blocks of your wall. Use painter’s tape to achieve clean straight lines.



honeycomb wall paint design perks up a plain white wall with several shades of honeycomb. The randomly placed hexagons create a fun and funky vibe for interior design. Use colors that complement the room’s interiors and use brighter shades for the kid’s bedroom, more toned-down for the living room or dining area.


Turquoise Ombre

Bring in the brightness and cool of the ocean with this turquoise ombre wall paint, which is one of the modern wall paint schemes. Match the colorful wall with sea-themed accents, glass, and gold. The light-toned wood flooring works to soften the glare.


Gingham Style

Painting squares can’t be that hard! This Gingham Style wall paint feature gives the room an idyllic charm and rustic vibe. The key to a successful gingham wall feature is in carefully studying the shades, planning the painting, and keeping the lines straight.


Grey Diagonals Elegant Lines

Diagonal paint stripes are one of the easiest wall paint ideas and designs for an accent wall. Upgrade a blank wall into this sleek and attractive wall accent. Painting a plain grey wall with diagonal lines of different thicknesses and shades creates a trendy and upbeat vibe. Perfect for modern minimalist homes. The headboard wall is the ideal accent wall of a bedroom. This modern bedroom highlighted the wall with a dark shade of peacock green amongst a predominantly white interior. Black thin lines are added to create a modern chic look. This color scheme also holds a different beauty and captures many walls paint designs.


Orange Burst Vertical Dividers

Easily dress up a narrow blank wall with this orange burst paint feature. Take your favorite color, then create several shades of it by gradually adding white paint. These easy paint designs for walls require a different fun way to add a pop of color to an otherwise gloomy corner. Sleek, modern, and creative paint. Easily upgrade your interiors with this three-tone vertical divide paintwork. The grey shades complement the modern minimalist room, while the perky yellow serves as the accent color. Add yellow décor pieces to pick up the right color theme for the home.


3D Boxes Circle Ombre

Add fun to your room with some 3D wall effects. This three-tone 3D box design is easy to accomplish. Draft the lines and mark the colors so you won’t get confused. Using painter’s tape will hasten the process and ensure straight lines. This circle ombre paintwork is perfect for when you just need a fun feature to dress up a blank wall. Draw a huge circle on the wall and divide it into several vertical segments. Starting with the original paint color, paint the middle part. Dilute the paint with white and work your way of painting the outer segments. Remove the painters’ tape dividing the sections.


Charming Colourful Geometrics

Fun, charming, unique. This blue-themed check wall feature complements the coastal home interiors. But you can make your own check design and put it on your wall! Pick your favorite color and create three more complementary shades to complete your check design. This bright and colorful geometric design works for homes and is best for rooms where you need a lot of positive energy flowing, like the living room or the family room. Its bright colors are captivating, while the diagonal strokes give the design a dynamic look.


Flower Accent and Random Lines

Brighten up a forgettable corner of your home with this charming and fascinating wall flower accent. You can go as bright as you want by using red or orange shades, or as cool as this yellow on grey rose accent. Eliminate blank and boring walls easily with some ingenuity and a free weekend to work on your wall. This enthralling two-tone paint wall accent is fun, modern, and original. Its random lines and color blocking aspect effectively deliver drama and character to the room.


Pastel Triangles Blended Grey

Fun, cheerful and bright! One of the most festive wall paint ideas and designs. Pastel triangles on the wall will make you think of confetti, party, and excitement. Ideal wall feature for children’s bedroom, the playroom, the family room, or even the kitchen wall paint styling. When you want a plain grey wall, but you also want it to be exciting and unique! This blended grey wall paint scheme is surely captivating and extraordinary. To achieve the cloud-like effect, use two tunes of grey. Paint the lower part of the wall with a darker tone and the top with the lighter one. Use both colors in the middle part, using quick bold strokes to get the blended effect.


Cross-stitched Accent Paint

Unique, nostalgic, and beautiful. This wall feature will take a lot of painstaking and detailed work to get right. But with the right attention to detail and a lot of patience, it is possible. A great surprise or gift of labor for someone who’s into cross-stitching. You’ll never have to worry about these paint drips colors ideas, the over-painting, and the mess with this design. Drips are encouraged and the messy result delivers a beautiful and arresting wall feature. For smaller rooms, you can do one layer of paint applied on the top of the wall, right next to the ceiling, and dripped randomly.


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