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Best Areas for Jeep Rally in Pakistan 2021

Best Areas for Jeep Rally in Pakistan 2021

Jeep rally is an off road race conducted by adventure lovers for the sake of adventure or for the purpose of promoting tourism. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan possess a versatile nature in terms of tourism. Besides being the owner of heavenly places such as calm and deep lakes, roaring rivers, sparkling waterfalls, gigantic mountains, historically rich forts and places, panoramic sceneries, Pakistan provides other adventurous activities to the domestic as well as International visitors. The country organizes Sports and adventurous activities like super entertaining jeep rally in Pakistan, tremendous activities of Ski Championships, Paragliding flights, etc. to attracts domestic as well as International tourists from all over the world. Paragliding game has gained more popularity in Gilgit Baltistan because of the efforts of Expert Trainer Khalid Hussain Zain Jatil and his club "Big Wings". They are working day and night to promote adventurous tourism in Gilgit Baltistan.

The topic of our today’s blog is not paragliding but to mention crystal clear information about Pakistan Jeep rally’s.

Pakistan Jeep Rally's

The country Pakistan has many adventurous locations where every year a jeep rally is organized by the provincial or federal governments to promote tourism, peace and harmony among the masses of the country.

Following are e some of the best places for jeep Rally which are being organized inside Pakistan.

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Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally is one of the top most famous Jeep Rally in Pakistan mostly held in the month of February of every year in the Cholistan District of Punjab. The Cholistan Jeep Rally track length is over 220 KM.


Organizers of Cholistan Jeep Rally

Tourist Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP pa) organize an exciting car rally in Pakistan every year.


Commencement of Cholistan Jeep Rally

The commencement of Cholistan Desert Jeep rally takes place in 2005 under the supervision of TDCP.


Primary Sponsorship Member

The government of Punjab organize and sponsors this program every year.

Secondary Sponsorship Members

Many Jeep companies and advertising companies and organization.


The boarder of Cholistan is attached with the Rajasthan region of India and the location of very nearness to India fascinates most of the spectators.


More than 100 adventure lovers or drivers participates in this rally from all over the country every year.

Number of Spectators

The record from the history shows that every year more than 1 lac spectators join this event of Jeep rally to enjoy the adventurous moments with their family and friends. You must go for Cholistan Jeep Rally to get a sense of excitement and entertainment from this daring event. The enthusiasm of the spectators is worth seeing during the rally. Everyone emotionally supports his favorite driver by cheering him or by clapping for him.


Route of Cholistan Jeep Rally

The route of this car rally stretches alongside the Derawar fort which is situated in Ahmadpur East Tehsil.


Purpose of Cholistan Jeep Rally

The basic purpose of this jeep rally is to show a clear image if rich culture and history of Pakistan. Furthermore, it is also being arranged every year to promote winter tourism in Pakistan


Winner of 2020 Cholistan Jeep Rally

One of the most well know driver from Baluchistan Nadir Magsi won the Cholistan Jeep Rally 2020.


Sarfaranga Cold Desert Rally

The Sarfaranga Jeep Rally take place at one of the most beautiful chromatic cold desert located in Baltistan region of Gilgit Baltistan.


Gilgit Baltistan’s Beauty

Gilgit Baltistan is a wonderland of wonderful, stunning and eye catching natural beauty. The geographical and panoramic view of heaven on earth Gilgit Baltistan, make the region more spectacular as compare to other tourist heavens located in Pakistan.

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Location of the Sarfaranga Cold Deaert

Sarfaranga is the partially developed village in Skardu Baltistan which has the honor to hold the world’s famous Cold Desert in its lap. This cold Desert is considered as the world highest Desert because it is naturally installed at the height of 7,500 feet.


Surroundings of Sarfaranga Cold Desert

The desert valley Sarfaranga is enclosed by the beautiful lush green grass and vegetation. The roaring water of Indus River and Shiger River enhances the beauty of this valley.


Environment of Sarfaranga Cold Desert

The weather here in winter is very cold and summers are bearable. Moreover, the color of the sand is white and looks very fine. Furthermore, the sandy dunes and sparkling view of the desert in day fascinates the visitors from its tremendous beauty.

Most of the tourist enjoys camping in the cold nights of this desert valley.


Organizer of the Sarfaranga Cold Desert Rally

The Tourism Department of Gilgit Baltistan Provincial Government organize this event every year.


Sponsorship Members

Gilgit Baltistan government and some prominent organizations.

In 2019 it was held on 23 August with the collaboration of Pak Wheels. Com and powered by Indus Motor Company limited. Including this Sarena hotel is also biggest partner of the government of Gilgit Baltistan from the very beginning of this event uphill know. They successfully organized 3 events in consecutive 3 years with collaboration.


Participants of Sarfaranga Jeep Rally

This event is very unique of its own kind. Not only national adventure lovers and drivers but also International energetic, enthusiasts racing lovers join this event with great ease every year.

All the lion hearted professional Jeep drivers, clubs and companies such as, Sahibzada Sultan, Veteran like Magsis, Team Frontier 4x4, ZOR club, IJC club etc.  participate in a hope to win this event in 2019.


Winners of Sarfaranga Jeep Rally 2019

Nadir Magsi won this event by completing 50 km track in 36 minutes and 11.97 seconds. 

The Second winner was Shiraz Qureshi who completed the 50 km track in 45 minutes and 56.09 seconds.

The 3rd winner was a women named Mrs. Rashid Abdullah who completed the track of 50km in 54.49 second.


Purpose of Sarfaranga Cold Desert Jeep Rally

The purpose of organizing this event and other events such as Ski championship, Paragliding jumping programs etc. is to promote winter tourism in Gilgit Baltistan.


Including mentioned above most popular Jeep Rally events, the following are also very popular among the local circles of Sindh and Baluchistan.

  • Jhal Magsi Jeep Rally Baluchistan
  • Kandero Jeep Rally Sindh
  • Thal Jeep Rally Punjab


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