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Top Best Hill Stations in Pakistan 2024

Top Best Hill Stations in Pakistan 2024

Right now, for you the decision must be pretty easy and backs should get packed. You would be mesmerized by the sight of these places and hope to facilitate you through our write-ups in the future as well. Our aim is to promote the soft image of Pakistan, instead of traveling to European countries bearing huge expenses, those experiences and facilities are provided to you in Pakistan that in a almost half of that expense. So, explore the top hill stations in Pakistan 2024 and let the world know how bewitching and exotic places does Pakistan have that need to be explored. We wish you a great hill station tour. Brace yourself to witness the unparalleled natural beauty.


Abbotabad is in the eastern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in the hazara region and 120km from Islamabad/Rawalpindi. This city in Pakistan is famously called a ‘city of colleges.  Abbottabad has been attracting tourists to the city since long as it is the entry point point to all major tourist regions of Pakistan such as Nathiagali, Ayubia, Naran and shimla hill abbottabad. As per the historic definition, the city is picturesquely situated at the southern corner of the Rash. It is one of the best hill stations in Pakistan in 2024 and have some bewitching scenes in the vicinity.

One if the reason that adds value to the beauty and tourist attraction is because of the Karakoram Highway (KKH), the seventh wonder of the world, which traces one of the paths of the ancient Silk Road, starts from Hasan Abdaal on the N5 and heads north towards Gilgit Baltistan passing through the city. That eventually reaching Khunjerab Pass_the Pak-China border. The Karakorum Highway is a major attraction itself and only land route to the northern part of Pakistan. In addition,  the mighty mountain ranges of the Karakoram, Himalayas and the Hindu Kush can be approached from Abbottabad, and it continues to be a transit city for all the traffic, tourists, serving as a base for visiting nearby places, such as Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Indus Kohistan and many more as you go along the north pole.

Sajikot waterfall, Miran Jani, Nathiagali and Ayubia national park are the reknown Places in Northern Pakistan to Visit in Winter that have been a magnetic crowd pullers. Abbottabad visiting places occupy the top tourist destinations in Pakistan and known for their particularities. It is probably the only city with such variety of options and sets apart as hill station. From touristic point of view the city has been probably the best hill stations in the country. The facilities here to spend you holidays are perfectly up to the mark. The hotel industry is quite varied in catering you’re your culinary needs. Moreover, thee is an under construction £19m amusement park in the city that includes a zoo, adventure sports facilities, restaurants and artificial waterfalls. Being a hill station adventure is what really defines its true essence and break-taking beauty.  

Bahrain Swat

Bahrain is in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. At a distance of 60 km North of Mingora at an elevation of 4700 ft on the right bank of the Swat river. The name Bahrain (lit. "two rivers") finds its beaming due to its location at the confluence of the Daral and Swat rivers.  The riverside tourist resorts, local handicrafts, and its view of the merging of the Daral and Swat Rivers are the absolutely the stunning places that are unmistakably treat to sour eyes.

It serves as passage for the trail that leads to the Daral & Saidgai lakes that too have their fan bases and best Bahrain swat places to visit. Tourists across the country pour in huge numbers every year to witness the bounties of nature.

The The Climatic conditions here also very congenial. With a mild and generally warm and temperate climate, Bahrain has a humid subtropical climate. The average temperature in Bahrain ranges is usually 16 °C while in comparison to other parts of the country, it is the best to spend your days in sweltering summer.  November is the driest month with little harsh conditions while March, the wettest month, and the favorable climatic conditions.  Whereas July is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 27.0 °C yet again comparatively, it is the best of temperatures. Because in Pakistan, the month of July crosses a minimum temperature of 35°C. These northern parts are the seasonal abodes of most Pakistani in summer season. The natural beauty along with the congenial climactic conditions make it the best hill station that is undoubtedly desirable.

Galyat Valley Murree

Galyat Pakistan Valley Murree is yet again a spectacular hill station. It is a narrow strip or area roughly 50–80 km in the north-east side of federal capital, Islamabad, stretching on both sides of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Punjab border, between Abbottabad and Murree. The word Galiyat is derived from the plural of the Urdu word gali, which means an alley between two mountains on both sides of which there are valleys and it is not the highest point in the range. Many of the towns in the area have the word gali as root of their names, and are popular the Most best snow fall area in Pakistan and best tourist resorts.

Dunga Gali & Nathia Gali

Dunga Gali & Nathia Gali, Khuza Gali, Darwaza etc are some of the famous destinations here. From a touristic point of view, it has a plethora of places that are full of natural scenery and adventure. For a nature lover, the picturesque places along with some top-notch hoteling facilities you would definitely find it a dream hill station and top best holiday destinations in Pakistan.

If you are the one who is planning to spend his holidays in a famous hill station in Pakistan and indecisive about where to go, then these aforementioned places should lead to a good decision. Every one would definitely want a natural landscape along with some good facilities of eating lodging. All these places over the years who been substantial developed in terms of facilities. You would find some top-class restaurants, and hotels where cuisines of every kind are served as per your taste and demand. Tourism industry being at the top of the government’s priority list has been given considerable consideration to give boom to the industry. The over all contribution of tourism industry over the years has been noteworthy. Given the potential in the form of these beautiful places, Pakistan can further benefit from tourism industry.

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