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Best Flooring Choices For House in 2022

Best Flooring Choices For House in 2022

Types Of Flooring To Consider, The Best Option For You

When getting a house built, we want every single detail to be picture-perfect and as per the overall makeup of the house.  Along with the perfect outlook, we also desire a house that is both comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. From the rooftop to the smallest tile on the driveway, every aspect of building a new house requires meticulous planning prior to the final touch. With the large variety of options available for Modern House Designs in Pakistan these days, it has actually become quite a challenge to choose which design would work best for you. Tiles are one of the key design elements that can significantly alter a room’s ambiance and bring in the required charm and grandeur.

There are several kinds of marbles and tiles that are being used as the Flooring Material, stairs, and countertops. It is your choice to opt for any of the two as both have their merits and demerits. In order to shoulder your problem, we have compiled both the positives and negatives of marbles and tiles below.

Starting with some of the basic characteristics of both.

Characteristics of Floor Tiles

  • Floor Tiles are non-porous or non-absorbent in nature
  • They are more suitable for harsh applications
  • They play an important role in interior decoration
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Easy installation

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Characteristics of Marbles

  • Marble Tiles are very durable.
  • They are used in high-traffic areas.
  • They have a smooth and glazed finish which gives luminous shine.
  • They are scratch-resistant and fire-resistant.
  • They are very easy to clean marble flooring.
  • They are eco-friendly.

Differences between Tiles and Marble

Before finding more about Flooring Material, what makes Marble and Tiles Flooring different from each other, there are various parameters based on which we have tried to differentiate them in order to have a clear and comprehensive picture of both of them.

Here are a few of the parameters:


Talking of Marble, it is a natural stone that is made by limestone’s metamorphic crystallization that results in the conversion of calcium carbonate into calcite crystals. On the other hand, tiles are made from silicates or clay fired at high temperatures.


An additional parameter that makes both options quite different from each other is the stain-proof feature. Marble in this regard tends to get stained easily whereas tiles do not get stained and are easier to maintain.


When it comes to classification, marble is available in myriad shades and colors which are due to the geographical processes taking place that formed the stone. Whereas tiles are also available in multiple forms like Terra Cotta Tiles, Quarry Tiles, glass, and even porcelain. The two are both diversified in this regard and these options can be used as both Floor & Wall Tiles.


In terms of finish, polished marble comes with a glossy finish, tumbled or honed, tiles, on the other hand, are available in both glazed and unglazed varieties best for Home Floor. The pattern screen printed on its surface imparts it with a natural look. Both have their own uniqueness and charm.


Marble has relatively high porosity as compared with tiles because it is a stone with a robust crystalline structure. It is primarily for this reason marble can be polished to shine and make more coruscating. Tiles have relatively low porosity and are thus perfect to be used in high moisture areas. Bathroom or kitchen where there is an element of moisture.

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While undergoing production, unlike marbles, the appearance and color of tiles are carefully controlled and this results in an end-product that comes with slightly minor variations between batches. On the contrary, marble is a natural stone, and as such, wide differences can be spotted in the same stone of the same lot. For the same reason, marble is less consistent than tiles but not less preferred.


For Different Types Of Floors, Marble has a very low eco-friendliness quotient as marble cannot be considered as an eco-friendly option owing to its non-renewable resource, and also extracting it requires energy-intensive processes. The impact these processes have on the environment is irreversible. On the other hand, tiles comparatively fare better than marble as they can be recycled, are non-toxic, and are manufactured using safe processes.


Marble is obviously more expensive than tiles. This is owing to the fact that tiles are man-made while marble is a natural stone that has to be mined and extracted using costly procedures. Moreover, only High-Quality Marble Designs look good in appearance which comes at an exorbitant price and that is why it requires a thick pocket to be the showpiece of your house.


As you know marble requires cutting so the cost of marble further increases as a lot of material goes waste while cutting it in suitable sizes. In tiles, wastage is low making it more affordable than marble. Understanding these differences between tiles and marbles will help you select the right option for your floors that would not be an element of a headache afterward.

It is important to mention that in Pakistan we are more concerned about the overall cost of materials. A solid, cost-effective alternative to granite and marble tiles is to use vitrified ceramic tiles in your future design and construction projects. Vitrified Ceramic Tiles are man-made and produced by hydraulic pressure that is directed onto a special mixture of clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica. These are the most commonly used in Different Types Of Flooring nowadays across Pakistan. Vitrified ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs for homeowners to choose from as per their choices. The tiles vary in price but generally cost much less than granite or marble tiles. For people keen on making their house stand out while sticking to a singular design theme, vitrified tiles are the best choice.

If you are willing to spend time on maintenance in return for the graceful, long-lasting beauty of a natural stone, then we would earnestly suggest investing in marble or granite tiles. If you plan on having a house that is exclusive yet low-maintenance, then vitrified tiles are the best option for you, but again the last call should always be yours!

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