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Best Hill Stations To Visit This Summer Vacations In Pakistan

Best Hill Stations To Visit This Summer Vacations In Pakistan

Hill stations across Pakistan have so much to displace you out of usual boredom and tiredness. Especially when heat and humidity gets intolerable, hill stations are always a better rescue because of their wonderful scenic beauty and climate. Most people head toward these places to get rid of scorching heat and tariff temperatures. 

However, it is very important to choose the right distinction according to your location and your desired places. There are certain factors that are needed to be considered before starting your journey to explore nature. Consequently, if you also planning to have a break from your hectic routine and want to absorb fresh air, then have a look at our gathered list below. This list consists of the best hill stations to visit this summer in Pakistan. 

Best  Pakistan Hill Stations for Summer

Gilgit Baltistan region is located in the Northern Karakoram range on the Gilgit river. It has a unique mix of cultures there. Mountains are mostly covered with snow even in peak summer months. The beautiful natural lakes and mesmerizing vast green fields attract tourism a very large scale. Moreover, the region is equipped with all modern and luxury facilities. 

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Top level hotels are also available at very reasonable expenses. If you are having a plan to visit Gilgit, then May to November is the right time to go for. But this time span is quite crowded, especially in August and July. It is better to book your reservations earlier.


Hunza is the most beautiful distinction located in the center of Gilgit Baltistan. It has an altitude of about 8000 ft. This astonishing valley is surrounded by mind-blowing snow caped mountains, vastly stretched green fields, loaded fruit orchards and crystal clear waters. Whenever tourists visit Gilgit, they must plan to stay in Hunza for days, because of its unique environment and friendly natives.
Hunza has various major places to visit like Altit and Baltit Fort and Attabad lake. You can plan to visit Hunza from May till October from a weather point of view. 

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It is the most common, mesmerizing, famous, and easily accessed hill station. It is just 30-minute drive from Islamabad with a height of around 7000 ft. Twin city residents have a special corner for Murree in their hearts, because of so many reasons. Firstly, it takes near to no time to reach as compared to other stations. Secondly, the temperature variation is simply amazing to cherish. 
With solid natural forests on either side, chilly winds, and crazy atmosphere, Murree proves to be a favorite place to beat heat and to rejoice in freshness. 



It is located in Murree and renders the highest point in the whole district of Rawalpindi. The most attractive and fun filled thing about patriate is its cable cars and chair lifts. These cars and lifts pass by thick natural forests, pine trees and refreshing winds. 

You can plan a one day short trip to rejoice in these rides. The best thing about patriata is that it can easily be accessible throughout the year without any issue because of the right management and extreme tourist attraction.

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Thandyani is located in the Galiyat region of KPK in the Abbottabad district. It is known for its breathtaking scenic views with an altitude of 9000 ft. With wonderful pines around the peak, this tourist distinction has extraordinary views from the top. Fully equipped hotels and guest houses are a major factor to attract tourists at high rate.

There are certain hiking tracks in Chandani that connect this hill station to other high peaks of Galiyat as well. If you plan to stay a little longer here, then you can explore these hidden tracks to rejoice in yourself.


It is a very beautiful valley located in Swat. It serves as a connecting point of two rivers, Swat and Daral. The major attracting factor for tourists is the bridge over heading these rivers and hotels that seem to be floating over this striking water. 
One of the most unique and appealing things about Bahrain is its handicrafts. A whole bazaar of these handicrafts is displayed on the main road. These handicrafts reflect the true swati culture and tradition.

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Malam Jabba

it is located in Swat District, with the highest peak elevation of 9199 ft. The valley is filled with captivating and charismatic views. These views and wonderful Hindukush mountains allure people to visit Malam Jabba time and again. Apart from natural views, the valley provides chair lift facility which is very famous as well. With heavenly pretty sceneries and striking chilly winds, the chair lift has so much to drive you crazy. In addition, it is important to carefully choose the right days for a visit, because roads are most likely to get blocked in snowy days. That is risky and dangerous too.

Panjpeer Rocks

These thrilling rocks are located in close vicinity to Rawalpindi District, a few kilometers away from Kahuta. This rocky place is surrounded by dense green forest and flat stony land. The breeze is fresh, chilled, and refreshing. The region overall is quite unexplored and completely natural. No maintenance or proper activities to attract tourists have been done there. But the views, ambiance, and vibe is entirely next level.
However, there is no such proper facilitation available as other tourist destinations. So, it is essential to go with proper arrangements of food, hiking tools, fuel and other picnic accessories. Because the place is worth visiting, it immediately takes you out of tiredness and dullness. The steep height and heavenly views from the top are all you need to have a beautiful summer weekend there. 

In conclusion, it is important to keep the days in which you are planning to have visit in mind with the desired location. Every other place has its peak days because of the climax in its beauty and weather demands. So, always research the place you are expecting to visit before initiating your journey. The listed hill stations are the most commonly visited spots in Pakistan because they are easily accessible and have higher tourism rate as well. Hope you enjoyed reading this piece of information!


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