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Best Home Decoration Ideas for Eid

Best Home Decoration Ideas for Eid

In Muslim families, Eids mark the biggest celebration filled with vivacity and fervor. Eid home decoration ideas for home play a very important role on these religious and sacred occasions. The ritual of home decorations in beautiful lights and other accessories during a festival has been around since time immemorial. Be it kids or the elders, shopping and adorning the house during a festival is something everybody likes, and these are the occasions that come in a while by providing an opportunity to celebrate particularly this also flocks together all the family members that often live away from home due to various purposes.

It is a very special occasion for Muslims, not only because of its cultural and religious significance but the bliss it comes along with. The treats, gifts, and above all the tradition of sharing happiness and love add to the enthusiasm. Going to your relatives’ houses and exchanging blessings and presents on this holy day is a tradition that carries with it a deep-rooted sense of togetherness and tenderness. You would also receive guests so try different decoration ideas to increase the beauty and ambiance of your house to match the divinity of this day. on the occasion of eid, these Home Decoration Ideas In Pakistan and all around the globe are very popular. People never shall want to lose these brilliant concepts at all. Here are a few Festive Home Decor Ideas to decorate your home for an elation-filled Eid. 


Let the Stars and the Moon Shine

The stars and moon have been considered very auspicious in Islam and are of great significance. What can be better than the lovely stars and moon to adorn your house with? It is one of the most elegant Eid decoration ideas. There are different varieties of star and moon decorating pieces in the market though, yet if you have a creative bone and adore the handmade pieces more, then you can make something yourself. The falling stars garlands, strings, or wall hangings would look amazing on windows, above doors, or the walls – on this beautiful occasion.


Make Use of Phantasmagoric Lighting

Which eid festival is complete without the bright and stylish Eid Mubarak home decor? To bring the requisite coruscation, don’t forget to add a fabulous lighting element to your home on Eid. Even the lanterns are traditional lighting pieces and introduce amazing beauty to the place. If you do not have time to go shopping, you could make a paper lantern yourself at home. Nothing is better than something you crafted on your own. You could also make use of the strings of light bulbs and hang them high on poles.

Wreath to Wish Eid Mubarak

Eid wreath is quite easy to make from a slew of materials and is one of the Last minute home decor ideas for Eid. You can make it from flowers, use leaves, or maybe colored mesh, which can easily be found at the crafts store. You can either prefer a Christmas wreath-like ring layout or make it more interesting in a crescent – half-moon – shape! Depends on your creativity. You can hang it on the front door or over the fireplace if you so like. Any part of the house can flourish in the divinity of the festival with a wreath fashioned with a star of Eid Mubarak permeating a sense of warm welcome.


Blend of Light and Scent

Candles, how can one forget them? They do so much more than just illuminate the space. Candles also spread the lovely scent and serve as decorative items. Try different ways of displaying those candles you bought for Eid. You can get decorative candles from a store or can paint them yourself at home, your choice. Add some water to a bowl and let the candles float in there for a greater dramatic home decor look.


Bring in Bunch of Balloons

You must have seen them on almost all festive occasions, I don’t have to say how important balloons are. Everybody loves the sight of balloons. And frankly, any decoration would seem a little dull without a bunch of colorful balloons. Plain, glittery, or with inscriptions, they are all pretty. Plus, there is no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to decorating your house for a festival. Balloons can also serve as a medium to give Eidi to the children. Put some money and treats inside the balloon and hand them over to the kids, since it is an occasion to spread love and happiness.

Create a Memory Wall

Well, since you are decorating for Eid, how about touching upon every nook and corner of the house? Walls are important to be taken into account. If you don’t want to do much then hang a few Eid garlands on the main walls of the house with some catchy inscriptions. You can also splash them with new colors. The use of handcrafted garlands with some pop-up colors and glitters surely would add a striking element to the wall. You can make a collage of photographs with your loved ones and display it on the wall and snap some memorable pictures for posterity.


Spread the Sweet Fragrance

The fragrance has a magnetic attraction, a sweet fragrance in the house can lift up the spirits of the host as well as the guests. Fresh flowers settled on the table, in the ignored corners, kitchen, and next to the door give your home with bewitching touch. Don’t shy away from even overdoing it. There is no one who doesn’t like flowers. You can also put a flowered wreath on the door giving it a welcoming and fresh look. The whole idea is to bring out your creativity to make the day full of fun and harmoniously complement the essence of Eid.


Make Use of Embellished Carpets

Make sure that the floor is not neglected. The soft and smooth, traditional carpets adorned with embellished accessories attract everyone’s attention and also gather a lot of compliments even from those who are misers in it. There are plenty to choose from. But as you are decorating for Eid celebrations, make it Eid-themed and day-specific.


Lastly, Set the Table for Presents

Who says presents have to stay in a bag or be cornered? They can also help to adorn your settings. Get a table and set the presents in a decorative manner on it in an eye-catching way. You have got another piece to brighten up the space. The gifts can be packed in shiny, glittery packing or beautiful bags can hold them while giving a stunning touch to the space they are kept in, and needless to say that they would be the center of attraction for everyone. We wish you a happy Eid!

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