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Best Restaurants in Johar Town Lahore 2024

Best Restaurants in Johar Town Lahore 2024

Culturally diverse District Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan. It is divided into 9 zones according to the Local Government Act 2013. Gulberg zone, Shalimar zone, Ravi zone, Smanabad Zone, Aziz Bhatii Zone, Allama Iqbal Zone, Data Ganj Bakhs Zone, Nishter Zone and Wagha Zone. Every zone and every place inside every zone possesses some uniqueness as a token of its identity. The organized structural development of model town society in Gulberg Zone catches the attention of every passerby while the appealing aesthetic beauty of Shalimar Garden in Shalimar town resurrects the mind and soul of every visitor. Owing to its cosmopolitanism, you would find a plethora of the best restaurants in Johar Town Lahore with innumerable variety and taste.

List of Johar Town Restaurants and Cafes in Lahore

Lahore is not only famous for architecture, cultural diversity, and well-ranking colleges but also for the variety of foods and best restaurants. To be the foodie is the inherited legacy of every Lahori that’s why a number of eateries can be found in every town of Lahore.  Johar town of New Lahore has the honor to be known as the town of Best Restaurants in Lahore to Enjoy Dinner. You can feel love in the air when you get a whiff of delicious foods of these restaurants. The restaurants here are very famous for Pakistan, Indian, Chinese, Italian, South Asian, Mexican and Turkish; cuisines.

BFC Restaurant Lahore

Location: Main Boulevard, Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: 042-35290203

BFC Restaurant has created a special place in Lahore’s hearts because of its yummy Arabic Cuisine, fish burger, Shwarma, and Chicken Burger. No only delicious but also the amicable ambiance of this restaurant compels the visitors to enjoy the best food item from their menu.

Al-Dewan Restaurant Johar Town

Location: Main Boulevard,  choker Chowk, Johar Town Phase 2, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: 042-35290204

It is popular in the city for its affordable and delicious Arabian, Pakistani, and Continental cuisine. The place is strongly recommended to you if you want to spend quality time with your family or friends in a peaceful environment. The quality of food is also appreciable. Don’t forget to order white Karahi, if you are a karahi lover.

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Saffron Restaurant

Location: M.A Johar Town Scheme, Lahore Pakistan

Contact: 92-42 5203549

Saffron Restaurant is considered the heaven of Youngsters. They serve a variety of coffees, drinks, rice, noodles, Parathas Rolls, fish chines and burgers. It is a smoke-free restaurant where mainly youngsters come to enjoy the variety of Sheesha Flavors. It is a little bit pricy but the relaxing ambiance pays off for your price. Moreover, it has become the brand of Elite class adults.

Biryani Hut Lahore

Location: Main Blvd, Block G, Johar Town, Lahore Pakistan.

Contact: 03018400667

When it comes to Biryani, I never compromise with its taste. I have tasted Biryani in many famous restaurants of big cities but I am damn sure that Biryani Hut’s Biryani is one of the most delicious I have ever tested. Not only biryani but also the BBQ it serves has a heavenly taste.  You must visit Lahore Johar Town restaurant when you plan with friends and family.

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Subway Johar Town

Location: Block H-2 Johar Town Lahore

Subway is an international Brand that focuses on serving great-tasting food. They provide healthy fresh and quality food including a pleasant atmosphere.  You can carefully observe cleanliness by your own eyes because they prepare everything in front of you.

Customer Return for: affordable, delicious, and customized sandwich chain.

Yasir Broast Restaurant

Location: Near Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Main Boulevard, Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: 042-35312350-54

Yasir Broast is popular for providing a peaceful, comfortable, and relaxing ambiance including delicious food. It is also the best cafe in Johar Town for all ages. The waiters of Yasir Broast are very professional and friendly.

Customer Return for: Chicken Malai Piece, Chicken Kabab, Chicken cheese Kabab, Beef Kabab, Chicken Reshmi Kabab, Mutton Seekh kabab etc.


Pizza Hut in Johar Town

Location: Plot 15, N-Block, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact: 111-241241

Pizza Hut has more than a hundred branches in all over Pakistan. Most of the people visit there to enjoy their favorite snacks. They offer attractive deals in every kind of Pizzas in addition to Starters, Pastas, Soups and Salads, Beverages, Desserts, and Sandwiches.

Customer Return for: a variety of Pizzas; Bihari Chicken Pizza, Chicken Tandoori Pizza, Karahi Chicken Pizza, Chicken Tikka, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Chapli Kabab Pizza etc. supreme and Veggie Lovers, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Fajita, Fajita Sicilian, The Euro, Hot, and Spicy etc.

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Open Air Restaurants Johar Town

There are a number of Open Air Restaurants in Johar town including indoor dining restaurants. Due to their beautiful, aesthetic and cozy design people prefer to visit these restaurants to celebrate Birthday parties and other festivals on their rooftops. As we know that the trend of theme based beanery has gone viral that’s why the following restaurants have gained popularity in the food market within a short span of time. All the following Open Air restaurants are also located in Johar Town Lahore which are worth visiting,

  • Cup Shup Cafe and Restaurant
  • Musically Rooftop Restaurant
  • Qabail Johar Town Restaurant
  • La Downtown Restaurant
  • Maalga Restaurant
  • Nawa Lahore Restaurant
  • Arcadian Cafe Signature
  • Kaka Gurda Champ Restaurant

How can I forget to mention the spellbinding architecture of old Lahore which has the magic to take you back to The Mughals period? Every evening all the Lahore’s enjoy the food from the Mughals kitchen with the background tinkling sound of Anarkali's Anklet in Anarkali of Data Ganj Bakhs zone.

When the eastern and western blended public of the country get tired of watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies, they visit Minar e Pakistan and Iqbal tomb to get some fresh air and recite sura e Fatiha to show their gratitude towards the founding fathers of the nation.

Lahoris owing to their ravenousness towards food most of the time love to spend their time chattering and gossiping in food points. Politics is one of the favorite topics of Lahoris, even if you ask the waiter or the cobbler on the roadside, he would draw an in-depth and thought-provoking picture of Pakistani politics. Food with some heated debate over politics is worthwhile.

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