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Eco Friendly Home Decor Ideas in Summers

Eco Friendly Home Decor Ideas in Summers

As summer is just around the corner you must be thinking about changing your house to a summer mood. If you are looking for new ways to decorate your home but are worried that you might play your part in polluting the earth and global warming, you need not worry. We got you covered. Eco Friendly  home Designs  have always been a dream of every human. Everyone wishes that when they come home from a hectic day they have a comforting environment welcoming them. So why not decorate sustainably. You might be surprised to know that you can embellish your home in some non-polluting ways. Here we present some eco friendly home decor ideas for summer.

Indoor plants

Whenever you are thinking about beautifying your home never ever forget to add indoor plants. When we come from work all tired and exhausted a touch of green plants brings us closer to nature and also helps to reduce temperature of surroundings. Plants cleanse the air around us and also increase oxygen levels. Not to mention their aesthetic beauty. You can get clay pots from a nearby store of your choice. You can put them in your bedroom, living room and even in your kitchen. Peace Lily, Parlour Palm, Flamingo Lily and English Ivy are some fantastic options you can choose from.


Recycling and reusing your old furniture, plastic bottles, glass cans and ceramics is one of the eco friendly home design ideas. You can use plastic bottles of beverages to decorate your wall or make a decoration piece out of it. Old furniture can be painted to give it a modern look.  Glass jars can be converted into lamps. You can put them outdoor or on your balcony. You can also make candles out of glass jars. Just heat the wax and put it into your glass jar and it is ready to lighten your dark nights.

Recycling Old Furniture

If you are planning to change furniture for a summer look, just give it a try to second-hand furniture. Recycling old furniture is beneficial to the environment as you can save resources in this way. You can buy an old piece of furniture paint and polish it and it will be as good as new. In this way, you can save some money as well and you can save your environment from some trash.

Change Your Lighting

Lightning plays a key role in home decorations and they make our home a better place. But you have no idea how this lightning is playing its role in destroying the environment. Most lights only convert 5-10 % of energy into light and the rest goes waste. So choose the right bulbs for your home. Certain lights like LEDs are popular in home decoration but it can cause serious eye issues. Try to avoid these lights instead opt for dimmers and lamps. Also, keep your lamps and bulbs clean in order to work at their full potential.

Choose Wall Paint Wisely

As we all know that using light colour paints helps us reduce heat in the house. Unfortunately, Paints contain a lot of harmful chemicals like plastics and formaldehyde. They are a threat to our environment. But you need not worry because one of the blessings of the internet is that you can make almost anything at home. Yes, you guessed right! You can make eco-friendly paint at home with the use of natural ingredients. Drywalls and wood surfaces can be covered by flour paint. Or if you want to avoid the hassle of making paint then you can choose some very environment-friendly paints. You can opt for Clare Paint, The Real Milk Paint, Backdrop, ECOS Paint and Sherwin-Williams Harmony for pollution-free paints.

Natural Lightning

One of the simplest best eco friendly home improvements is to maximize sunlight in your home. In this way, you would be able to decrease energy consumption and avoid unwanted heat. You should install larger windows or doors to increase natural sunlight in the room. Also try to keep the windows clean. You can also use a lot of mirrors in, your home and try to place them opposite windows to increase natural lighting.

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Add Cool Colour Curtains

Light colours are everyone’s favourite in summer as they reflect heat while darker colour absorbs it. So to beat the scorching heat, add light-coloured curtains to your house. They will give a cooler effect.

Sustainable Rugs

When it comes to furnishing for summers, rugs are a great way to add colours and patterns. They give comfort and warmth to walking and sitting. But unfortunately, rugs contain a lot of harsh chemicals and plastics. These chemicals are responsible for polluting our earth. Some rugs release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and hence damage the air quality of your home. Always look for a rug which is made of natural materials like wool, jute sisal, bamboo and organic cotton. So before buying investigate the chemical treatments to avoid any unnatural method.

Go Local

If you want to keep the earth green and healthy, then try to buy from companies which follow good moral standards of labour and are not contributing their part in deforestation, global warming and climate change. Choose the best quality but make sure that they are made from environment-friendly materials. You should try to buy from your local sellers who sell handmade products as they are mostly eco-friendly and it would be a great way to support the local artists and workers.

Keep it Simple

With the spread of awareness keeping it minimalistic is in fashion. It will give a cooler touch to your house. While embellishing the interior never over-accessorize it. You have to keep it simpler and decent in order to have a peaceful environment. Don’t buy every item you find in the store, instead, choose wisely and decide what you really like.

Overall, these amazing most eco friendly home decor for summer will give your house a very natural feel.



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