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Eco-Friendly House Designs Ideas in 2022

Eco-Friendly House Designs Ideas in 2022

Eco-Friendly House Designs Creation Guide

We all are witness to the growing climate change around the world that has gravely affected not only nature but also our lives as well. Natural calamities such as floods, storms, glacier melting, etc. occur unexpectedly and more often than not, the root cause of these disasters is the destruction of nature caused by humans. In this regard, real estate is one of the biggest industries today that requires a tremendous number of raw materials. From different types of wood to clay bricks, steel, and cement, the list goes on and on. To our great concern but mostly to our indifference, much of the raw material is sourced via methods that adversely affect the environment, causing huge short and long-term damage to the nature around us. We all need to start designing Modern Eco-friendly Houses to decrease our carbon footprints.

In such grave-looking circumstances, the noblest things we can do is to make ourselves environment friendly through our actions and perhaps it has become the only viable option for us to continue living and leaving a comparably safer, if not better, environment for our posterity. We all need to be aware of its gravity especially given the world’s population that continues to increase at an exponential pace. Previously we have discussed a lot about that How To Make Your House Eco Friendly. Some people find it rocket science to do so that is why we have compiled some more easy, important Tips To Create An Eco-Friendly House Design:

Use Environment-Friendly Materials

Being environmentally conscious does not, in any way, imply utilizing low-cost materials but it basically means to prefer and differ materials on the basis of their environment-friendliness. Start with the inventory of your electrical appliances and determine whether or not they are eco-friendly construction materials, could there be any good alternative, if not. The purchase of new, highly rated, and energy-efficient appliances is always preferable to the outdated, inefficient appliances that use more energy and incur irreparable environmental losses.

The same goes with everything in the house from air conditioning systems, washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens, among other things. All of these appliances in the house have an energy rating, and the best way to start with eco-friendly house designs is by purchasing appliances with the highest rating, in the first place.  Importantly, it is essential to consider the sun- free energy. Instead of relying on the HVAC system, you can go for eco-friendly house designs with excellent cross-ventilation, employing double-glazed windows to keep out the sunshine, and utilizing exterior cladding that is intended to retain its cool temperature for eco-friendly architecture.

Try to Go Green Always and Everywhere

This will be a tremendous favor that you will be doing for yourself and nature to go green. If you happen to have or planted lush green trees and bushes around your house rather than a clean-shaven barren piece of ground, you are already the champion. Having done that now make a promise to yourself that you will protect and nourish these trees and never let deforestation ever happen here.  Allowing one or two of them to intrude on your home design for the modern eco-friendly house will genuinely be a very pleasing idea. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Choose Energy-Saving Technologies to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. This can only be done pretty easily by the use of grey-water collection that entails collecting all of the water that runs from your sinks and kitchen counters so that it may be utilized for washing your car or used in the cisterns. This is a tremendous idea that can assist you in replenishing groundwater via rainfall harvesting, and the surplus water may be utilized for watering plants and even for cleaning purposes.

Convert to Solar Energy

Having your home built with solar energy will not only ensure eco-friendliness but also go a long way toward guaranteeing that you do not have to rely on conventional sources of energy. This system all over the world is getting much attention as it provides you with energy from a sustainable source and eco-friendly construction.

Benefits of Leveraging Solar Energy

Cost-Effectiveness: Over the years roof-top solar panels have burst the myth that eco-friendly house designs are costly to maintain. Solar panels are not only easy to install and maintain, but they also help the homeowner to lower the cost of electricity by 20 to 30 percent. 

Subsidized Cost of living: given the global pressure and awareness, like Pakistan, the governments in many countries have encouraged people to adopt Solar Energy As An Alternative Power Source, and house owners adopting eco-friendly house designs also get subsidies from the government!

Reduce Carbon Footprint: Needless to say, when you consciously choose eco-friendly and sustainable homes, you are doing the planet a favor by reducing the usage of carbon items.

Apart from solar there are other eco-friendly alternatives as well in the form of wind as well that can also be made use of.

Materials for Construction and Flooring.

Like other parts, flooring has also evolved from shiny vitrified tiles to hardwoods, slate tiles to bamboo along with a few other materials. However, environmental friendliness can be best ensured by the use of laminated wood or bamboo flooring. In case if the wood comes at the expense of deforestation, choose other options over it. One the reason for this is the furtherance of the flooring materials like Italian marble and Chinese flooring materials. Therefore, choose the one locally and readily available.

Choose Roofing Materials Wisely

Moreover, when it comes to Roofing Material, it is extremely important to go green. There is a concept called Green Roofing, it is just the process of covering the roof with a green carpet of plants. Apart from being environment-friendly it also significantly helps to regulate the temperature of the interiors, thus lowering the amount of energy required to heat or cool the house. Since the roof is directly exposed to the sun, it comes in contact with different gases. Some people choose roofing materials that react with gases to produce even more hazardous gases. Therefore, choose the material that contributes to the environment in a positive way. Remember, there is no “planet B”!

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