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Inexpensive Basement Finishing Ideas in 2023

Inexpensive Basement Finishing Ideas in 2023

So, let us assume that you live upstairs and that has turned out to not be enough living space for you or in any case for that matter where you realize that you have an entire basement below full of all the stuff you have in storage and could be put to great use. What do you do? If you are a handy person and can do some remodeling by yourself quietly simply or can seek the help of someone. Just like the other good Home Decor Ideas Some of the things you will need, are your building materials and good Basement Finishing Design Ideas of just how you would like your finished basement to look.

Top Best Low-Cost Basement Finishing Ideas

Before you start planning out how you want your basement to look, it is always an availing idea to clean up the area. That way, you will have a holistic picture and you can get a better sense of the actual space and what you might want to do with it and how. For instance, firstly, you will have to get rid of all the things you have stored in the basement. Started sorting through everything and threw out anything that you think is of no use. Perhaps then you may hire a 20-yard dumpster to haul away all the unneeded things. After the cleaning is done, grab a pencil, paper, and a tape measure and get to work planning my new basement renovation design, here starts the practical work.

As you start to brainstorm ideas for how you want to remodel your basement and begin drawing out how it might look, make sure these questions are in your mind:

  • Would you like partition walls in your basement?
  • What about a bar area for entertaining?
  • Would you like a bathroom in your basement?

Once you have answered those questions for yourself, it should be time to draft your layout plan and materials list to practically go about materializing your plan.

Begin with the Planning Your Basement Layout

Once the basement is cleaned out and you can see the floor, you are ready to plan the open area and always make sure to gather enough information about the plans you have in mind. Do good research. If you want to have a storage area, then, of course, a wall needs to be put up, it all depends upon your plan. So, using your tape measure and your imagination, look to see exactly how much room you will need for storage and workroom, or you no more like to have a storage room altogether, decide.  

Set Up Your New Basement Wall

It is a cool Basement Design Layout to have a running wall from one side of the basement to the other, with an entrance door. Begin with measuring the distance of the future wall and start writing out your lumber list. You may go for a 2-foot, on-center spacing for the studs, rather than the typical 16-inch, on-center. For your wall, you will likely need a pneumatic gun that is designed to shoot nails into your basement concrete floor so that you can put down the bottom plate of your new wall and try doing it carefully.

Here's how to go about that process:

  • Lay your top and bottom plates for your new wall on the floor side-by-side. Mark out your studs at your desired spacing. (Perhaps 2-foot, on-center spacing.) This way, all your upright studs will be plumb.
  • If you have enough room, you can build your new wall on the floor. If not, you will have to get your bottom plate down with your top plate positioned and nailed in your ceiling joist.
  • After that is completed, start to nail in each of your 2 x 3 studs where you indicated on your top and bottom plates.
  • Figure out where you would like your entrance door to be and frame it out accordingly.
  • After your wall is complete, it is time to figure out how many sheets of rock will be needed for your new wall. Measure the length and width of your wall.
  • Each sheet of sheetrock is 4 x 8, and the coverage area is 32 square feet.
  • So if your wall is 20 feet wide by 8 feet high, the area is 160 square feet. You then divide 32 into that, and you come up with five 4 x 8 sheets of sheetrock for that wall. (I also always buy at least one extra sheet for any cutting mistakes that may arise.)

Building a wall in your basement doesn't have to be a scary thought, as long as you properly plan your project and install it with care and it has been a super easy exercise that way.

Decide on Flooring Options

One thing that is important to consider and we have observed multiple times that if you have a basement that sometimes gets damp or possibly wet, then it is suggested to just paint your floors or maybe install some inexpensive tile. For a quicker and easier route, however, there is always the option of painting your concrete floor and using a few area rugs to give it a warmer and cool look. This is another way to save some money and still have a pleasing Basement Remodeling. Also, one other way to have a great look to your basement floor is by installing a laminate floor, give it a thought.

Consider Your Bathroom Options

Seemingly less importantly, if you have decided to have a basement bathroom, then you will have to consider the particular toilet that you would need for a basement bathroom perhaps the one with a Basement Bathroom Plumbing Layout. You can also add a sink and a shower in your new basement bath that would drain into the toilet and discharge your wastewater. As you use your sink or shower, the water drains into the small holding tank in the toilet and when the tank is full, the pump automatically turns on and discharges the wastewater into the main sewer drain of your house whereby making it a preferable option.

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