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Latest Affordable Beds Designs For Home Styling

Latest Affordable Beds Designs For Home Styling

Latest Bed Designs for Modern Homes

Having been endured the monotony and tiresomeness of the day, what we need the most is perfect rest. The bed is the place to ward off all the day’s fatigue. So it should be of the best design and quality in order to provide the necessary comfort and relaxation. We work in the office for more than 8 hours and the rest of the time we do other household chores. The whole day we remain relentlessly busy. When choosing a bed for your home, you should see the comfort it gives to your body and also should match your Home Interior Design with style. Let us have a look at these types of Bed Designs below:

Platform Bed

In the list of beds, a Platform Bed Design is one of the best beds you can have in the bedroom. It is lower with a base for placing the mattress. This bed has wooden rows on which you can easily keep the mattress with much ease. Platform Beds are very popular in modern homes as they give support to the whole body and are mostly preferred because of their easy manageability and suitable height.

Folding Bed

The next is a folding bed Design which is one of the most convenient types of bed frames for home and very much in vogue all the time. This Folding Bed occupies less space in the house and you can easily fold them and put them in a closet when not in use. It has a wooden headboard comfortable enough for sleeping and relaxing. Owing to this feature of less space occupancy, it is most preferred as an option over others.

Panel Bed

Panel Beds come in two kinds. The one type is with both headboard and footboard and the other one with headboard. They are slightly out of fashion these days, but you will feel good to sleep on these beds and still can pick one staying the conventional dude. The headboard and footboard are joined by rails of wood and can easily be managed with a minimum of effort.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Beds Designs have curved designings on both the headboard and footboard. The sides of this bed are bigger than other types of beds and obviously spacious too. It is medium in height and touches the flooring. There are many stylish designs available in sleigh beds you can choose from that bring charm into your bedroom along with the necessary comfort.

Murphy Bed

Murphy Beds are the ones that can be attached to walls. It does not take much space and has hinge frames. You can put the bed in the closet after waking up in the morning. You can also put some beautiful flower pots on both sides of the closet to add a beauty quotient to it. It is also preferably picked in modern times.

Trundle Bed

The Trundle Bed Design is another one, kind of a double-storied one. It has a high headboard of wood and no footboard. This bed can easily accommodate three persons and it also takes little space in the room. It is one of the best types of bed styles you can buy for your bedroom and you can better imagine its suitability by the accommodation it provides – a three in one kind of deal.

Adjustable Bed Design

As the name suggests, an Adjustable Bed can be adjusted at will. It is comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. It has a motor by which you can adjust the various levels of the bed by raising or lowering. This bed has a wide headboard with sharp edges and it has a slightly raised base for feet that is an ideal choice for perfect rest. It is one of the most picks among the lot. 

Standard Bed

This is a portable bed which you can carry with you during your trips or long tours anywhere you go. It has a metal frame on which you can place the mattress. The standard bed also has wheels so that you can move from one place to another by dragging and needs not to be picked on the shoulder making it one of the best that follows you like a shadow wherever you go. It is a companion simply.  

Santiago Bed

The next is Santiago Bed Design which is one of the most comfortable types of bed ideas for the bedroom. It touches the floor and joints the headboard and footboard with wooden rails. The headboard has artistic edges and the footboard is slightly lower in height.


The Daybed is a companion in the true sense, you can place it in any corner of your home. You can use this bed for common purposes such as resting, sitting, or sleeping also. It has wooden or metal frames and looks like a bed. Like an adjustable bed, it is adjustable for any purpose sitting, sleeping, resting, and a good choice.

Poster Bed

Poster Beds are also in fashion due to their myriad characteristics. They have four vertical sides taller than the headboard and footboard. These are better types of bed designs than other common ones. Although they take a considerable space comparatively but have larger storage for keeping miscellaneous things.

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Canopy Bed Design

You must have an idea now from the name of it. If you want to give a classy touch to your bedroom, you can choose a Canopy Bed. It has decorative frames with higher headboards and lower footboards that add an element of beauty. You can make a ceiling or canopy with fabric to cover the bed while sleeping and bring in a bit of your imaginative faculty to add an aesthetic element. 

Bunk Bed

Bunk Beds are mostly popular among kids. They are made from wooden frames and have equal-sized headboards and footboards for kids and are designed to go best for kids. These types of beds and bed frames save a lot of space in the room and serve the purpose perfectly. One more thing that needs to be kept in mind is that children not only need a bed for resting purposes but they also use it as a playground. So it serves both. Pick yours have a sound rest!

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