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Latest Pillow Designs In 2022

Latest Pillow Designs In 2022

Decent Pillow Design Ideas

Pillows are an integral part of Home Decoration. Whether it is living rooms, bedrooms, or outdoor seating spaces, they complete spaces all around the house. These are a functional aspect of seating, and they also change the look of the space along with being an aesthetic element. Thus, Pillow covers play an indispensable role in dressing up or dressing down your houses. Though it is not very convenient to change the furniture and wall finishes often, it is easy to spruce up the seating with a regular change of sofa Pillow covers to bring newness to the house or living space.

We have compiled very useful information below for your Fancy Home Decor that these free patterns and ideas will fill you with the inspiration and know-how it takes to make your custom pillow. You'll be able to create it in the size that you want with the fabric that you choose.

Round Floor Pillow With Leather Handle

These Round Floor Pillows with leather handles look like the ones you see at your favorite designer store as they are in vogue these days. A different color of the fabric is used for each side, and then they are stuffed with filling. As a final touch, a faux leather handle is added so they can easily be carried around and needless to say that you can carry them holding the handle like a bag anywhere you want.

Quilted Velvet

This is yet another exciting idea where quilting details are added to velvet fabric to create these lovely Quilted Velvet Pillows. This is an envelope closure cover so it is easy to take off for a wash or to change into another cover whenever you like. So, it is easily changeable and washable with a velvety style of its own.

Heart Block

Here, a little bit of quilt piecing gets you big results with this Heart Block Pillow Design. You will be using basic piecing techniques to create a two-color heart for the front. Borders are then added to make the heart stand out and it looks super cool if the heart is colored red. It induces a romantic feel and is perfect for the bedroom.

Fold Over Button Design

Add some style with this fold-over button pattern. It features an off-center fold with button accents that creates a very chic and unconventional look. Don't let the buttons scare you, these are only there for looks so no buttonholes are involved and simply are a style statement. This case is stitched around a form or existing one to make it appear cool and attractive.

Burrito Style Case

Easily create a standard, cool-looking Decorative Pillow with this free pattern. It uses a unique "burrito" method that makes sure it comes together easily and looks great. There are many available in the market and these designs come with their unique style and have a huge impact on a style statement.

Easy Zippered

Take your pillow on the next level in a cool way with this Easy Zippered Designed Pillow. It can be made at home as well with minimal effort and the process involves cutting the fabric, sewing up the pillow, and installing the zipper. If you have a little know-how of sewing you just need to buy the fabric and zipper and sew in the design you like.

Iron-On Decorative Pillow With Tassels

For this design, you will start with a blank Decorating Pillow cover and then use vinyl to create text. As a final touch, black embroidery floss is used to create tassels for each corner of the pillow. Simply, the design and look of it solely depend upon you as to how you want to make it look with the text and embroidery.

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Silk Eye Design

This is quite different from the other ones, it is comparatively a little one for your eyes. Silk fabric is used for the outside and the pillow is filled with flax or millet as well as lavender buds giving it a comfy touch. Take time out of your day to relax with this little one over your eyes to take your stress away as this design has a stress alleviating effect on you.

Donut Style

If you're looking for comfy fun, this donut-shaped one is your pick. Two colors of fleece are used to create the donut itself and the icing. Then pom-poms are used for the sprinkles, but you could instead add fabric applique sprinkles if like so. It has a comfort-inducing and eye-pleasing Donut Pillow that you would love.

Kids Pillow Bed

It is quite easy if you try as it takes a twin flat sheet for the outside fabric, making it a great budget-conscious choice. Then sections are sewn into the pillow before stuffing a Bed Pillow into each one of them. You can easily do it at home without worrying about spending any penny.

Faux Fur

It is yet another cool design as it can be made by using less than a yard of fabric. You can use this pattern to create a trendy Faux Fur Pillow. This is a very easy project, you just take two pieces of the faux fur and sew them together. Stuff with poly-fill, hand sew up your closure, and you are done, it’s that simple!

Easy Box Pleat

This pattern surely will add some style to your next throw pillow. Box pleats are used on the front of the pillow to create a unique look where the fabric underneath is peeking through giving it a character. The pillow is finished with an envelope-style closure and has an alluring look.

Lastly, these are the Best Pillow Design Ideas that would the necessary comfort along with the aesthetic feel to your living space. So, wish you a super cool and relaxing sleep over them!

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