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The List of Top Hi-Tea Restaurants In Islamabad 2024

The List of Top Hi-Tea Restaurants In Islamabad 2024

Hi-tea restaurants have become an integral part of the dining scene in Islamabad, and people spend hours savoring the delicious food and delicacies served here while interacting with friends, family members, and colleagues. The popularity of these eateries can be attributed to their variety in the menu, unique tastes, and reasonable prices, which are hard to find elsewhere in the city. Many hi-tea cafes in the city serve different cuisines; however, here we have compiled the list of 7 Top hi-tea restaurants in Islamabad that you must try at least once!

Best Affordable Hi-Tea Cafes In Islamabad:


English Tea House has solidified its reputation as one of Islamabad's top spots for high-tea due to its tranquil environment and stylish decor. It is located in Sector F-7, and it will enchant you and make your visit even more pleasurable. To give customers peace from rushing pedestrians, the restaurant also offers an outside seating space encircled by plants and fences.

Now let's talk about its Hi-Tea menu, which is undoubtedly the best. The platter includes grilled fish, chicken satay, sandwiches, pasta, crème chocolate mousse, treacle tart, caramel fruits, and more. Additionally, it includes a nice cup of tea or coffee.

You can enjoy this lavish hi-tea between 4 and 7 pm in PKR1,794/- including all taxes.

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Among the eateries that can back up their claims is Yum Chinese & Thai Restaurant. The restaurant is situated in Sector F-7/2 and has a gorgeous atmosphere adorned with oak furniture and contemporary art. The restaurant's seating area is equally stunning. It offers mesmerizing views of the gorgeous Margalla Hills in the vicinity.

In Islamabad, Yum Chinese & Thai Restaurant also provides a fantastic high-tea buffet for Rs.1,493/-, including Pina Coladas, soups, hot honey chicken wings, seafood cakes, salads, pizza, spaghetti, small tacos, and burgers. It also has a particular chaat corner and a variety of delectable Chinese dishes. Yum Chinese & Thai Restaurant's desserts are also unrivaled in quality and flavor. You can go to this eatery anytime between 3 and 5 and 5:20 and 6:30.


This luxurious Lounge at one of Islamabad's finest hotels offers top-notch teas and exceptional service. Apart from tea and scones, they also serve delicious savory bites. Moreover, as you sip your Earl Grey tea or indulge in freshly baked pastries, the classical jazz playing softly in the background adds to the ambiance. With leather couches, a fireplace, and bookshelves, this place has all that is needed for a relaxing tea time with friends or family. 

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It's worth noting that Shakespeare's Lounge in Islamabad has both a high tea platter and a high tea buffet. For only Rs.2,098, you may get the Tea Time Platter. The menu includes burgers, potato rings, Doritos, salmon strips, chicken strips, pizza rolls, cheese pasta, and much more. One can enjoy this delicious platter on weekends from 4 to 7 pm, which is enough for two people. 

This restaurant also offers a variety of delicious foods in their hi-tea buffet. Mint lemonade, Greek snacks, chili chicken wings, fajitas, herbed grains, mushroom artichoke pockets, cakes, mini croissants, caramel fruit tarts, tea, and more items are on the buffet menu. Shakespeare's Lounge deserves to be on the list of the best high tea locations in Islamabad because of its delectable treats and elegant atmosphere.

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Located at Agha Khan Road, The Nadia Coffee Shop is undoubtedly one of Islamabad's best places to enjoy delicious high tea. With an extensive menu that features a variety of savory and sweet treats, there's something for everyone at this cafe.

 This restaurant, a part of the Marriott Hotel, is a great place to get up with family members or friends you haven't seen in a while. It is one of the most well-liked locations to organize intimate get-togethers with family, friends, and coworkers because of its elegant interior and fantastic hi-tea menu. You'll find just about every popular Pakistani dish on the Hi-tea platter menu, from lamb cutlets to chicken curry puffs, for just Rs.2,850. There are also some European dishes such as macaroni with cheese sauce and lasagna for those looking for more international options. Food-lovers can enjoy it from 4 to 6 pm.


Tuscany Courtyard is well-known among food enthusiasts. The restaurant is famous for its fabulous menu, rustic interior design, and lovely lighting that casts a beautiful glow over the entire inside lounge area. Regarding its high-tea menu, Tuscany Courtyard provides its patrons with various dishes, including a mint cocktail, soup, sandwiches, cold mezzeh, deep-fried prawns, finger french fries, chicken lollipop, honey grilled wings, vegetable spring rolls, and more. The restaurant is also unrivaled in terms of deserts which include; custard, chocolate truffles, other pastry pieces, etc.

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This well-known hillside restaurant is satisfied with its carefully crafted menu and exceptional flavor. Atrio Cafe & Grill is the hub of delicious continental, Italian and Chinese cuisines. The cafe also offers live music programs on weekends. One of the main factors contributing to its enormous popularity among food lovers in the city is its charming decor and peaceful atmosphere.

Atrio Cafe and Grill serves a delectable hi-tea plate to please your stomach. Macaroni, chicken wings, tea or coffee, a piece of cake, and a range of additional snacks are all included. Its the best Islamabad hi-tea cafe to enjoy

Lunch at the cafe includes an assortment of salads, soup, sandwiches, and hot meals. In contrast, the dinner menu includes a variety of starters, such as brie cheese tarts or chicken dumplings. Their desserts are made fresh daily, so you can always expect some mouthwatering offerings. You can enjoy the food for Rs.1490, inclusive of all taxes. 


This café is well known for its excellent food, stunning presentation, and a broad range of offerings. It's a great place to unwind with friends after a busy week. You may also enjoy a delectable supper with loved ones while celebrating the weekend. The Sage Café and Grill's high-tea buffet include juice, soups, sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, samosa or chicken strips, chicken risotto, mushroom macaroni, grilled fish, sweet and sour seafood, or meat with fish sauce, chicken jalfrezi, and more. The restaurant's hi-tea menu also includes a variety of delicious sweets, including ice cream, fruit sweets, cocoa, fruit custard, and more. These dishes are exclusively available at Sage and Grill on the weekends from 5 to 7 pm.


Final Thoughts

To sum up, these family-owned restaurants have honed their meals over time and know what patrons want. If you want a fantastic high tea experience, go beyond the top best hi-tea restaurants in Islamabad listed above. 

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