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Top Buffet Restaurants In Lahore Where You Can Eat Well Without Breaking The Bank

Top Buffet Restaurants In Lahore Where You Can Eat Well Without Breaking The Bank

Lahore is full of restaurants, and it cannot be easy to sift through all the different offerings to find one that fits your culinary desires. However, this doesn't mean you have to break the bank to experience an amazing meal – there are plenty of places where you can get good food without spending too much. This post will cover some of the top buffet restaurants in Lahore. They're affordable and delicious, making them the perfect place to satisfy your cravings.


7 Best Buffet Restaurants In Lahore


The taste of Lahore food is something that most people can never get enough of, and if you're one of those people, then we have the perfect list of places for you to visit this weekend!

The Monal Lahore 

It is among the top buffet restaurants, situated in Gulberg. The restaurant serves a vast selection of regional and foreign cuisines, all of which are served sizzling hot. Monal is renowned for its great meals, welcoming personnel, and artistically appealing dining room. Additionally, it is a great location for intimate meetings and events. The Monal's buffet includes free drinks, veggies, stews, pasta, sandwiches, grilled fish, BBQ items, western food, desi delights, Chinese food, and a huge selection of sweets you will love. There is nothing like the delicious food at this restaurant in the trendy city. You can enjoy delicious food at this buffet restaurant from 7 pm to 11:30 pm.

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Salt'n Pepper Village

This restaurant houses a range of Middle Western and Asian dishes under one roof. Although it might get a little busy on the weekends, it is well-known for its consistently high-quality meals and friendly service. Soup, chaat, a grilling station, a snack bar,  chicken curry, fast food, Chinese food, spaghetti, various sweets, and more can be found at Salt'n Pepper Village's evening buffet.  However, its main courses—ranging from whole roast chicken and halwa puri to Lahori grilled fish and beef nihari—are unquestionably the highlight of the meal. Salt'n Pepper Village also hosts the best lunch buffet in Lahore for PKR 1995 plus tax. Moreover, a Sunday brunch is available for PKR 990 plus tax. This eatery is available to Lahorians from 7 pm to 12 pm.


One of the top dining establishments in Lahore, Ziafat, offers a delectable supper buffet. This Gulberg restaurant is well-liked by people who prefer traditional cuisine.  Everything on the menu at Ziafat is just outstanding, from expertly grilled BBQ dishes to delectable desi treats. Signature Pakistani foods such as lamb biryani, chicken palak, chicken qeema, chicken paneer karahi, grilled batair, roasted fish, daal chawal, palak paneer, aloo ki terkari, and more can be found on the restaurant's evening buffet. The buffet offers Chinese fare, such as seafood with spicy sauce, white chicken, fried chicken, chicken jalfrezi, and more. Additionally, a wide selection of salads and sweets are available to diners to complete their meals.

Bukhara Restaurant

It is popular among locals and foreign visitors because of its high-end infrastructure and appealing ambiance. The eatery serves mouthwatering desserts and a wonderful range of classic cuisine and barbecue products. The Bukhara Restaurant's supper buffet menu perfectly reflects the flavor of authentic Pakistani cuisine. It covers many delectable Indian meals, such as curries, veggies, grills, and pastries. You don't need to question the quality of the cuisine at this restaurant because every item offered at the buffet is made by highly skilled chefs in a clean setting.

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East – Chinese & Thai

This restaurant is among the most luxurious eateries in Lahore. It offers fantastic buffet meals and lunches thanks to its stylish decor and contemporary furnishings. It has a calm, cozy atmosphere, further enhanced by the gorgeous Southeastern wall art and the wonderfully crafted lighting systems. A welcome cocktail, stews, snacks including cheese rolls and chicken fried, sandwiches, and a tea station are all on the menu. Additionally, various main dishes are available at the East - Chinese & Thai Restaurant buffet. It includes grilled salmon, green chicken, mutton with fish sauce, chicken nihari, macaroni, and chicken chow mein. For the ultimate dining experience, the restaurant also provides a variety of sweets such as rice pudding and fruity trifles. To put it simply, this restaurant should be at the top of your locations to visit if you're searching for an elevated venue with chic décor.

Mei Kong Restaurant

If you're looking for a delicious Chinese buffet in Lahore, Mei Kong is the place to go. Its lunch buffet menu offers cool beverages, sandwiches, stews, snacks, sweets, tea, and coffee. The main meals range from spicy steak and Thai chicken to chicken kabab and dum gosht. This restaurant pays close attention to quality and ambiance. It ensures that every item on its menu is presented on a beautiful tray and is full of flavor. The diversity of foods offered at this buffet restaurant in Lahore will compel you to return. This restaurant offers spicy meals rich in taste and food made with ancient ingredients.

Villa – The Grand Buffet

It is the best and Lahore cheapest buffet restaurant. The city's major housing developments and economic hubs are conveniently close to this gorgeously furnished restaurant. The restaurant's highlights include complimentary cocktails, broths, a live sushi bar, a salad bar, freshly prepared bread, a snack corner, and Lebanese, Indian, Multinational, and Asian cuisine. It also offers a variety of chocolate cake and confections, hot beverages, and bottomless cold drinks. The establishment has an ice cream shop to boost your visit further. The all-day buffet is another feature of this sophisticated and visually stunning restaurant. That means you can go there for a hearty lunch with your coworkers or go there for a nice dinner with your spouse after work.


To sum up, enjoying multiple cuisines at an affordable price is something that every city dweller wants to do. Whether it's a lunch date with friends or a family outing, these are some of the best places to enjoy food for less. So, if you're looking for a place to eat all you can, look no further than these Lahore's top buffet restaurants. 

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