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CDA Board Approves Rs150, 095 Million Budget for FY 2023-24

CDA Board Approves Rs150, 095 Million Budget for FY 2023-24

Islamabad: According to information released on July 4, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) approved the yearly budget of PKR 150,095.74 million for FY 2023–24. Under the direction of CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal, the CDA Board met at its headquarters to approve the organization's yearly budget. The CDA Board unanimously agreed to allow the building of the largest bird aviary in the world. The aviary will be located in Islamabad's renowned F-9 Park.

This innovative project, which spans an amazing 10 acres of land, aspires to create a sanctuary for various avian species while also encouraging biodiversity conservation and providing park visitors with an enjoyable time. According to reports, the Aviary will be built using an open auction based on Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer (DBOT) model.

Earlier on June 27, The municipal organization made a list of the initiatives for the current fiscal year public. The list's primary emphasis is on projects for paving streets and rehabilitating and widening roads. The new road projects of CDA have the following specifics:

• Upgrading/improving the road from Talhar to Kingrian Village in Islamabad's U.C. Saidpur

• Reconstruction of internal roads in U.C. Jhangi Syedan;

 • Reconstruction of Pind Parian Road from Benazir Chowk to Pind Parian;

 • Reconstruction of Sarai Kharbooza Road from Niazi Chowk to Qilla, including internal roads in U.C. Sarai Kharbooza

• Paving streets in the villages of U.C. Thalla Syedan, Jhangi Syedan, Bhadana Kalan, and Sheikhpur; 

• Construction of an RCC Nullah at Khayam Town; 

• Construction of a retaining wall alongside a Nullah at Golra Sharif; Villages of U.C. Shah Allah Ditta, Dhrek Mohri, and Mera Jaffar's street pavements

• Improvements to UC Said Pur's (UC-I), UC Noor Pur Shahan's (UC-4), and UC Said Pur's (UC-5) street pavements.

• Construction of sanitary facilities and paved streets in UC Malpur (UC-6), UC Kot Hathial North (UC-7, UC-8, & UC-9), UC Kot Hathial South (UC-10, UC-11 & UC-12), and UC Mohra Noor (UC-13).

• Construction of roadway pavements and sanitary facilities in UC Phulgran (UC-14, UC-15), and UC Pind Begwal (UC-16).

• Improvements to Pind Bhagwal, Kuri, Tumair, Herno Thanda Pani, Chirah, and Kirpa's sewage systems and pavement

• Improvements to Bhimber Trar, Mughal, Rawat, Hummak, Sihala, Mohra, Nagyal, and Lohibiher's street pavements and sanitation Gagri, Kural, Gangal, Kanna Dak-l, Tarlai Khurd, and Gohra Sardar have developed street pavements and sanitation systems.

In Tarlai Kalan, Khadarapar, Alipur, Panjgran, Farash, Mohrian Tamma, and Chatha Bakhtawar, sanitation, and street paving have been approved. In Lakhwal, Khana Dak-2, Khanna Kak, Khanna Dak-3, Shakerial Sharki, and Sakhana, sanitation, and street paving have also been approved.


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