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Sindh Govt Decided to Allott Houses to Govt Employees

Sindh Govt Decided to Allott Houses to Govt Employees

The Sindh government has made an important move by allocating 139 acres of land topoi accommodation to Grade 1 to 22 employees who have been struggling with a serious housing crunch. The Sindh Cabinet's agreement has made it possible for land to be allocated to the Sindh Civil Servants Housing Foundation at Deh Joreji, which is located in the Malir District. The Sindh government, through the allocation of land, has made progress in tackling the issues encountered by its employees due to a lack of housing.

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In accordance with the 2005 act passed by the Sindh Assembly, the land was allocated at a 50% reduction from the market value. The law was passed when Arbab Ghulam Raheem was the chief minister. Government workers have responded with joy and gratitude to the announcement of the land allocation. They are of the opinion that this choice will raise employee morale. Government representatives have thanked the Sindh government for taking this action to enhance the lives of its workers.

It is important to mention here that over the past few years, the Sindh government has taken numerous steps to provide as much relief as possible to the govt employees as well as to the common man.


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