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5 Best Family Vacation Spots In Pakistan That You'll Love

5 Best Family Vacation Spots In Pakistan That You'll Love

A holiday provides the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Pakistan has some of the best family vacation spots that you'll love to visit with your loved ones. It has an array of cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta that are rich in history and culture and are perfect to experience with friends and family alike. You will get to encounter the many cultures, people, and artistic endeavors of Pakistan's several provinces. The picturesque landscape makes it ideal to have picnics and outdoor activities that your entire family will love and cherish forever!

Best Family Places To Visit In Pakistan 

Pakistan has so many places that cater to visitors of all interests and age groups, it's hard to choose which place to visit first!

 So here are the top family vacation spots in Pakistan that you'll love!

  • Golden Beach, Makran Coastal Highway

We started our list of best family vacation spots with this mesmerizing beach on Makaran coastal highway. Unknown to many people, it is arguably one of Pakistan's most stunning beaches. The seashore is covered in golden sand, as suggested by its name, and the ocean waves crashing motion further enhances its attractiveness.

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Location of Golden beach

It is located at a short distance drive from Kund Malir Beach_ another popular beach that is under the control of Hingol National Park. The Golden beach is renowned for its unusual natural formations, including the Lady of Hope and Tiger of Balochistan, both of which were created by ancient times of weathering, despite its desert landscape.

How to get there?

If you follow Makran Coastal Highway out of Karachi, it takes about 3.5 hours to get there (N-10). Along the entire route, you may admire Pakistan's magnificent coastline.

  • Marine Drive, Gwadar

Gwadar is well-known for housing the world's biggest pier and has recently emerged as a hub for infrastructural development. Marine Drive is a multi-billion dollar project in Gwadar, which has turned the port city's waterfront into a cutting-edge commercial district. 

The beach at Marine Drive is not only beautiful but also extremely tranquil. . If you prefer to cool off on those sweltering summer days, you can even go swimming here. It's the perfect location for beach lovers because of the gentle sand and low tides.

Location of Marine Drive

Along the lovely Gwadar coastline, there is a two-way street called Gwadar Marine Drive. It's a 26-kilometer-long, two-way, recently carpeted road that runs along the seaside.

How to get there?

According to traffic conditions, the trip from Karachi to this interesting location will take you 8 hours. The location is just as attractive at night thanks to the adequate lighting settings. You can also visit more metropolitan sights, such as the recently restored Gwadar Cricket Stadium, during your visit to Marine Drive.

  • Charo Machi, Khuzdar

One of Pakistan's unique family vacation spots is Charo Machi near Khuzdar. It is a magnificent ideal destination that may be located in the most isolated part of Balochistan. The stunning natural features of Charo Machi are well framed by the area's arid mountains. This getaway location's waterfall, which empties into a lagoon with pristine waters and a blue background, is its main draw.

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Location of Charo Machi

45 kilometers to the southeast of Khuzdar is where you may find the Charo Machi waterfall.

How to get there?

The only and most effective way to go to this mesmerizing location is via the RCD (N-25) National Highway. You could have to drive along some rough, hilly terrain with little facilities at all after arriving in Khuzdar. Sports bikes and 4X4 vehicles are the only automobiles that should travel this track.

  • Kalar Kahar In Punjab

Head down to Kallar Kahar if you're looking for the best family vacation spot on a budget! Many beautiful cultural and archaeological attractions can be found there. Swaik Lake, also known as Kallar Kahar Lake, is a notable feature of the area. This lake's water is extremely clear despite being salty because of the nearby Khewra salt mines. The lake's small surface is perfect for swimming and has a cascade that is worth viewing.

The Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab recently built a fully functional resort to increasing tourism in the area.  The location is called TDCP Lake View Resort, and it also has a high-end restaurant with a variety of Asian and Chinese specialties. Additionally, it provides comfortable hotels to make things simpler for tourists to the area.

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Location of Kallar Kahar

It is a tourist destination that is freely reachable from both Lahore (224 km) and Islamabad because it is located on the edge of the M2 motorway (156 km).

How to get there?

It will require you roughly three hours to go there if you reside in Lahore and wish to visit this top family vacation spot. However, because it is adjacent to Islamabad, your travel time would be cut in half if you choose to visit this tourist attraction from there.

  • The Historic Attock Fort

This fort is a useful addition to our list of the top family vacation spots in Pakistan due to its excellent historic architectural details. Attock Fort is a majestic building that remains today, illuminating history in all its splendor.

Attock Fort has a long history that stretches back to 630 AD, according to ancient records. The Mughal Emperor Akbar did, however, build the ancient castle that is still standing today. You will see the magnificent fort's construction and be enthralled by the nearby lake's crystal clarity. Visitors cannot, however, enter the fort because it is a military base.

Location of Attock Fort

Islamabad is 80 kilometers away from Attock Fort. Due to its location on the Indus River's bank, you can also visit it via that river.

How to get there?

Attock Fort can be reached from Islamabad in approximately one hour and twenty minutes. The striking and culturally important fort architecture is simply breathtaking.

Final Thoughts 

That concludes our discussion of the best family vacation spots. Due to their welcoming environment and captivating historical architecture, all of these vacation spots are worthwhile stops. Most importantly, since each of these locations is in your home country, you won't need to go beyond budget to enjoy a happy and memorable holiday. So, pack your bags, take your camera, and travel to these places right away to live life to the fullest!

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