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A Trip to Keenjhar Lake/Jheel Resort

A Trip to Keenjhar Lake/Jheel Resort

Human beings naturally have an irresistible liking for natural beauty and always prefer to stay close to some eye-catching natural scenes. When there is this combination of water with some exotic scene then it is just out of this world. Who out there would not want to be frolicking in the company of sere nature where the running water whispers mellifluous music. Of course everyone would love to perambulate in such scenery or take a respite even for a day or two. So, if your heads this time nods in affirmation then let’s go on a vicarious tour of mesmerizing at Keenjhar Lake Resort.

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History and Significance of Keenjhar Jheel

Keenjhar Lake is one of the top attractions of Thatta district, in the province of Saints, Sindh. The Lake is regionally known by the name of Kalri Lake. It is situated at district Thatta, Sindh. It is 122 km away from bustling city of Karachi and 18 km from the town of Thatta. The reason that sets this lake apart from the other lakes around the country is because it is the largest fresh water lakes in Pakistan. It is an indispensable threshold of drinking water for Thatta as well as Karachi city that means it is not muddy or filthy but clear. Keenjhar Lake has been manifested as ramsar site and a natural life heaven. Keenjhar Jheel is conducive natural terrain for a cluster of migrated birds in winter season, like ducks, geese, flamingos, cormorants, waders, herons, egrets, ibises, terns, coots and gulls.

Moreover, it is also a captivating tourist resort. A notable number of visitors frequently visit this place from Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta to relish themselves with their kith and kin in the hypnotizing company of whispering water. Not only you can you’re your sour eyes feasted with the exotic scene but also you can enjoy swimming fishing and sculling here. The renowned folklore of Sindh Noori Jam Tamachi is linked with this stunning site. Since you are in the city of saints, how can you not find any mazaar nearby, to the addition of this mesmerizing lake there is an Altar denoting the great legend Noori’s grave. Nature enthusiasts from different cities of Pakistan visit this spell bound landmark and enjoy themselves in the lap of nature.

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Places to Stay in the Vicinity

In this day and age lodging around such beautiful crown-pulling spots is quite abundant. . This is an initiative of the provincial government, which has helped convert Lake of Keenjhar into a full-fledged tourist destination and a good standard and amenities have ensured here. You can have the best facilities and services here. In the close monitoring of the Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC), Keenjhar Lake Resort can be booked for a day for around PKR 8k-10k and if you would like to book it online. Camping at Keenjhar Lake is very busy active from many years. Families and friend do camping together at weekend. You easily can reserve it for the days when the spike is eased you can visit. Lastly, be mindful that the check-in time and check-out time is 4:00 PM and 3:00 PM, respectively and you might face inconvenience if did not follow strictly.

Nearby Tourist Attractions 

It goes without saying that the province Sindh in general and these sides areas in particular are of great historic and touristic aHere you can find the Keenjhar Lake Resort. The amazing Huts at Keenjhar Lake attracts the tourist all over the worldttractions. Having been the lap of world’s oldest civilization, Moen Jodaro, it has some remaining in every inch of the soil. You travel length and width of Sindh, you will encounter numerous historic and popular tourist destinations almost in every village and district. Thatta in particular is surrounded by many worth-seeing ancient landmarks. So, in order to make your trip even more interesting and memorable, you can also check out one of the historical places nearby. Here’s a list of the places that are waiting your way and have treasures withheld to be unveiled to the curious and inquisitive like you, so let’s have a glance over them here just to remember the names:

  • Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim
  • Dabgir Mosque
  • Shahjahan Mosque
  • Maqam Qadam Shah Graveyard
  • Kalan Kot Fort
  • Soonda Graveyard
  • Old Jamia Masjid Thatta
  • Nawab Ameer Khani Mosque

This is just to make you cognizant of their existence nearby rest is on you to go there and explore. You can have information about once you are there and also they are not too far away. If you are traveling on your own vehicle then you can easily explore them all even in a day but exploration should be in true sense. One must spend time knowing fully about the places, its history and significance. The history buffs in this matter are quite sharp that they keep a dairy with them and it is a best practice for future safe seeking sake. 

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Lastly, excursion without photography is a futile. Isn’t it? A DSLR would be an ideal one but high resolution cameras these days also do pretty well. The bluish murmuring lake in the backdrop of the photograph is a wonderful sight. Furthermore, the temperature here inn summer gets quite high and it is inadvisable to set out on day time especially mid-day. Evening or morning times are perfect to visit and sprinkling of this clean water on your body is a great feeling. If you are accompanying your family then children especially get very excited, they need to be taken care of lest they fall into it.

Lakes are places to be kept clean and you may not find proper waste management system or body there to collect, so it should be made ensured that no littering is done. It is our civic responsibility to maintain cleanliness wherever we go.  It is better to carry your wastes in a plastic bag and dispose them off in a suitable place. It has been repeatedly reported that people do not abide by the civic responsibilities. We hope you would prove them wrong through your actions.

Have an ace of a trip to Keenjhar Lake!


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