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CDA To Overcome Water Shortage In The Capital City

CDA To Overcome Water Shortage In The Capital City

Islamabad: The Deputy Director-General of the water management, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has claimed to have installed around 8000 feet of water supply pipelines in various sectors of the capital city to ensure uninterrupted Water Supply to the residents of the city. Another project of Tubewells Automation System has also already been initiated by CDA for the same purpose. The DDG also added that the civic agency also repaired some 450 damaged and worn-out supply lines. He said that following the special instruction of the Chairman CDA, Aamir Ali Ahmed many old and damaged supply lines were repaired, and new ones were laid in different sectors as required. The repair work on the damaged lines saves a large amount of water being wasted and installation of new ones ensures the nonstop supply of water.

The Water Shortage In Islamabad had become a routine matter for the residents of the capital city and the dwellers of the city faced a lot of problems especially in the summers owing to which the CDA went on to repair the damaged pipelines. “The water shortage used to become a nuisance for the citizens facing severe hardships, especially in the summers, which led the CDA to replace the dilapidated pipelines in various sectors,” The Deputy Director-General Mr. Zimri responded to a query. Zimri also informed that the civic agency had allocated Rs400 million for fixing the dilapidated pipelines. "We would also replace the dilapidated pipelines in Islamabad for which we have asked for a budget of Rs 600 million from the quarters concerned," he further added.

The Deputy Director-General of the civic agency also requested the citizens to utilize the water resource very carefully as the civic agency has noted a regular decline of water in the water reservoirs. He urged the masses to use water carefully and judiciously as the region received less monsoon rainfall as compared to the last year. He said, “Last year, the water level at Simli Dam was 2,315 feet which at present was recorded at 2,271 feet with a decline of 44 of water level in one of the only reservoirs providing water to the federal capital”. He said that another water reservoir in Khanpur also showed a significant decline in its water level. He said that due to much less rainfall during the monsoon season as compared to the previous year the citizens need to be very judicious while consuming water resources.


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