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How to Check Property Ownership Online in Pakistan with PLRA

How to Check Property Ownership Online in Pakistan with PLRA

The provincial governments of Punjab and Sindh have started a revolution in their respective regions' land record systems in response to the government's stern position on the fair deal in real estate. The program implements extensive measures, such as the full computerization of land records in the provinces, to bring about a contemporary transformation that will improve the lives of the people. The updating of land records in Punjab and Sindh would contribute to the eradication of all types of land ownership disputes, one of the persistent problems with the current system. The possibility of forged ownership documents and deeds, which often take a long time to authenticate, is eliminated when land records are kept in a computerized format.

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By further elevating them to a secure investing environment, the online check of property ownership will also help owners and clients make wise decisions and secure their property. The respective provincial governments have already taken these efforts, but Zameen Land Records offers an all-inclusive automated platform to assist you with your real estate transactions in order to further boost its effectiveness.


The Process of Online Verification of Properties

 Online property records for Punjab and Sindh are available at and, respectively. From the drop-down list, we select our district, tehsil, and region. To discover who owns a piece of property in Pakistan, we enter  CNIC or property number. For a long time, it was challenging to determine who owned the property. No internet mechanism existed for users to check online land or property records. People under the previous system had to deal with patwaris. The former method was cumbersome and the primary reason for corruption in situations pertaining to real estate or land. The Pakistani government made the decision to create an online system for property and land records in order to reduce corruption and simplify the property ownership procedure.

Currently, Only Punjab and Sindh governments have started online facilities for checking property ownership. Hereunder, we will guide you on how to check property ownership in Pakistan online. 

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Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

A system for maintaining land and property records was introduced by the Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA). Individuals who own property in Punjab can access the Land Records Management Information System online to examine the records (LRMIS). All provincial land and property-related issues are handled by the Punjab Land Record Authority

     Seven Steps to check the online property ownership

  • On the Punjab Zameen website are all of the land and property records. The following are the procedures to verify who owns what in Punjab:
  • Go to the Punjab Zameen website at
  • You can look up ownership details on the website's home page.
  • First, select the district from the drop-down option. The district where the property or land is located must be chosen.
  • Choose Tehsil from the drop-down option at this point.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, select the area where your property is located.
  •  Three search options will be presented to you on the following stage. You can search using your CNIC, name, or Khewat number (Property number). The 14 digits of your CNIC must be written down if you want to search it by CNIC.
  • Press enter to continue.

 The Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) has also made the mobile app available. But, only Android users can access it.

Merits of Online Land Record Management Information System

1. There is a very simple and time-saving process needed to finish the transfer of Property.

2. The records are simple to check from your home.

3. There is no extra fee to be paid.

4. Biometric verification and integration with NADRA ensure that the property record is accurate.

5. You can look up a property's ownership without being victimized by the old worn-out patwari system.

6. No Malpractices possible

This online method has also been made available to Sindh property owners by the Sindh Board of Revenue. You may easily check who owns a piece of property or piece of land simply by going to All issues relating to real estate and land in the province are handled by the Sindh Board of Revenue. People's lives have been made easier by this internet system, which allows them to quickly find out who owns their house. It is expected that the KPK and Baluchistan governments also introduce this online system for property records. The government of Pakistan has taken a major step by digitizing land and property records. 

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