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How to Get NADRA Succession Certificate

How to Get  NADRA Succession Certificate

A Succession Certificate and a Letter of Administration, both of which are delivered to the successor on behalf of the deceased person, are required by NADRA to establish the ownership of legal heirs. The Succession Certificate and Letter of Administration will be issued in an open and secure manner by NADRA, which will also be convenient for the citizen's legal heirs. In order to deliver the deceased person's moveable assets to his or her lawful heirs, this certificate will be utilized to identify who actually they are. A facility for real-time verification is one of many security features included with the digital certificate. 

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Required Documents for a Succession Certificate

• The Family Registration Certificate (FRC) and the Certificate of the Deceased Person's Death.

• The Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration must provide specific information on the real estate and personal property to which it is being applied.

• A list of the rightful heirs, along with photocopies of their identification cards.

• An affidavit that the Oath Commissioner has sworn and that contains the following information as required content:

• information on the mobile and immovable property.

• Information on Legal Heirs and Their Shares, as Certified to Be Provided in Such Legal Heirs' Personal Law

• Any further documentation that the Authority deems appropriate 

 Initial Processing Fees of Certificate

 If the asset's or property's worth exceeds Rs.100,000, a fee of Rs. 20,000 is due. The charge is due in the amount of Rs. 10,000 if the asset's worth is less than Rs.100,000. However, Rs.5000 is the application fee for a duplicate certificate.

Getting a Succession Certificate:

 The Process is a simple five-step procedure implemented by NADRA in January 2021 which enables applicants to obtain Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates without the need to go through the courts. As a result, there has been a 30% decrease in the judiciary's workload. The Project is currently running at district-level locations in KP, Punjab, and Sindh as well as ICT.

Application and deceased information

The applicant must submit the necessary fees, documentation of his qualifications, and details regarding the decedent in order for the succession certificate or letter of administration to be issued.

The deceased person's card in the national database must be tagged with the letter "CD."

At this stage of the procedure, The following information is required:

the applicant's CNIC; biometrics and a photo of the applicant; the deceased's CNIC number; and the parents' names (if not already in the national database).Deceased's Religion and Sect and Legal Heirs and Assets Details

More Information to be Provided

  • According to the law, the applicant will need to submit an affidavit containing information about their assets, the consent of their legal heirs, and the terms of each heir's portion.
  • One's relationship with the deceased person must be guaranteed and verified, and the same information will be entered into the system.
  • If the legal heirs are physically present, their biometrics will be taken; however, if not, a later step (verification or approval by the legal heirs) will be required.
  • Legal heirs must provide the following information: Name, ID number, gender, relationship to the applicant, relationship to the deceased, and religion (which may vary among legal heirs). Sect (may vary between legal heirs)
  •  Email ID (if accessible), provider name, and mobile number
  • Type of asset, description of the asset, and percentage of legal heirs to the overall asset

Biometric Verification/Legal Heirs' Consent

Each and every legal heir will undergo biometric verification (if not already done at step 2). Legal heirs will be notified and asked to update the biometric information in line with the procedure if the biometric information cannot be verified for any reason, including a lack of availability in the database. scanning of documents and Movable asset information for which the certificate is requested. Documents from the list below will be scanned and saved in the system. Affidavits and copies of legal heirs' identification documents will be added. Additional documentation the Authority deems necessary also needs to be attached.

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 Public announcements for the general public must be published in two (2) national newspapers, one in English and one in Urdu using the attached format. In addition, adverts will be shown across the full NADRA website.

 Objection by Legal Heirs

Any complaints made by any of the legal heirs of the dead after the advertisement has been published must be received in writing from the complainant and will be processed after being registered in the system.

Any ongoing work on the Succession Certificate or the letter of administration will be stopped in response to the expressed concerns, and the applicant will be given a rejection certificate that was generated by the system.

The applicant will then be told to get in touch with a court to get a succession certificate or letter of administration. Once the application has been examined, the applicant will get a refund of the application money, less any applicable processing fees.

Case Acceptance

If a "NO" objection is submitted by any legal heir of the dead within fourteen days of the advertisement's publication in the newspaper, the case will be allowed. Once the officer in charge of the matter has given their seal of approval, the applicant is deemed to have read and agreed to the contents of the certificate. Additionally, a system entry will be produced describing how the certificate was delivered.


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