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After Nasla Tower, Demolition of Tejori Heights Karachi, Ordered by The Supreme Court

After Nasla Tower, Demolition of Tejori Heights Karachi, Ordered by The Supreme Court

Karachi: The Supreme Court of Pakistan Karachi Registry chaired by the chief justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Friday ordered the Demolition of Tejori Heights Karachi that was illegally built on Railway Property near Hassan Square, 13-D. The deputy commissioner was advised to demolish the building within a month. Earlier this week the apex court has already ordered the district administration of District East to demolish Nasla Tower on Shar-e-Faisal within a week. The court also directed the district administration to ensure speedy compensation to the affectees of the illegal building along with the recovery of the demolition cost from the owners of the high-rise buildings. In response to the court orders, the deputy commissioner of District East on Thursday announced that the district administration had taken over the control of the Nasla Tower that would be demolished on orders of the Apex court.

The residents of the two buildings are however very much concerned about the recovery of their amount from the owners of the buildings. The legal counsel to the owner of the Tejori heights Mr. Raza Rabbani, The Ex-Chairman Senate of Pakistan requested the court that his client was ready to withdraw the building but he needed time to raze the building and offer compensation to the affectees. The court gave one month for the demolition of the Tejori Heights and three months for compensation to the residents. The residents of the Nasla tower demanded of the Supreme Court to ensure compensation for their losses. The management committee of the tower is however uncertain about the mechanism of compensation to the residents of the tower.

The residents of both Tejori Heights and Nasla Tower have started leaving the tower owing to the decision of the Supreme Court but at the same time, the management of the Tower has demanded more time from the administration for the evacuation of the building as they were unable to trace out some of the owners whose belongings are to be shifted to some other flats in the surroundings. On October 25, the SC directed the district administration to demolish the Nasla Tower through a controlled implosion within a week. The apex court had ordered the authorities to use modern technology to demolish the high-rise buildings. The court also directed the deputy commissioner to ensure the safety of the nearby buildings while demolishing the illegal buildings.

Concerning the immediate Nasla Tower Case, the city commissioner has sought the help of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) in the demolition of the illegal building under the directives of the apex court. The city administration has also sought application through newspapers for the Demolition of Nasla Tower that needs to be razed within the next few days.

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