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Digital Portal For Power Of Attorney Launched by PM Khan

Digital Portal For Power Of Attorney Launched by PM Khan

PM Khan Launches Portal for Automation of Power of Attorney

ISLAMABAD: The incumbent government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken many steps for the progress of the nation, digitalization of records like Land Record Digitalization, and several online portal facilities like Single Sales Tax Portal are examples of these. Now another step to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis enabling them to get online verification of their power of attorney (PoA) without having to make their physical. In this regard, an MOU has been signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Initially, the facility will be available in ten countries but later it will be spread to all embassies and consulates abroad. The Chairman NADRA shared on Twitter that around 75000 Pakistanis visited Pakistanis embassies and missions annually for Power o of Attorney issues which would last no longer, “This innovative web-based solution by Nadra utilizes online biometrics verification & video interview to verify applicants remotely for PoA issuance,” He shared.

Speaking at a ceremony held for the launch of the Digital Power Of Attorney Portal For Overseas Pakistanis, Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the overseas Pakistanis on getting the online portal activated as well as enjoying the right to vote as per recent legislation carried out in the joint session of the parliament. He said that the right to the role will increase the importance of overseas Pakistani as now every government would try to capitalize on their right to vote. He Said,” It made me especially happy yesterday that we have now included overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan's democracy," the prime minister told the ceremony. He said the rights given to ex-pats meant that "now every government will be bound to value our overseas Pakistanis because they can now vote”. He further added that the ones who are objecting the use of modern technology are the corrupt elements who benefit from an old corrupt system.

Prime Minister further said that he is really amused to have facilitated around 9 million overseas Pakistanis to keep a check on the incumbent government through the power of their vote because when they vote, they will vote for the government that can change their lives. He also lauded the generous contribution made by the Expats in the progress of the nation and called them the biggest asset of Pakistan, He Said, If we truly tap this asset then we won't need IMF or any other loans. But unfortunately, we never considered their assets and instead of easing their lives, we created more difficulties for them”.

The premier further continued that the use of Electronic Voting Machine in the upcoming election would also prove to be a great step towards making the election process free and fair. He continued, so there can't be a more foolish mentality than avoiding the use of technology today," He also reminded that a government commission and the ECP had recommended the use of EVMs back in 2008. The present government ever since at the helm of affairs has always tried to give all the rights to the overseas Pakistanis. For instance, the use of modern technology for verification of their properties, the online portal for the power of attorney, and the right to vote are among the major steps recently taken. 


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