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Federal Cabinet Force To Regularize Illegal Housing Scheme In Islamabad

Federal Cabinet Force To Regularize Illegal Housing Scheme In  Islamabad


The PTI government has decided to regulate the informal housing associations in Islamabad. The Cabinet has decided to regulate the housing associations in Islamabad II, IV, and V districts. The Federal Cabinet established a committee to review the Islamabad master plan.


IRREGULAR HOUSING SOCIETIES IN ISLAMABADSecond, the Ministry of the Interior issued a notice on December 28, 2018, and the government subsequently replaced several experts in accordance with the Cabinet decision on August 3, 2019 to ensure that the mission was terminated on time. . The Ministry of Planning and Development established a committee to assist in the evaluation of the Islamabad master plan prepared by the CDA. The inauguration report of the Master Planning Committee is comprehensive and includes an action plan. For the interventions listed in the master planning committee report, the government must hire consultants.


The committee completed its work and issued an interim report on the review of the Islamabad master plan, review of building codes/planning parameters. The report also pointed out the review of the development model and procedures of the Islamabad private housing plan, as well as the master plan review by the consultant Islamabad Request for proposal. On October 14, 2019, the Ministry of Sponsorship submitted these findings to the Federal Cabinet, which agreed to approve the consultant’s terms of reference. The planning committee must approve, and the CDA must pay the consultant's funds.

 CDA will provide funding for the operation of the committee. Within the scope of the attached terms of reference and the CDA Regulations of 1960, the committee will act as an advisory body and provide advice to the Authority on the standardization of the Islamabad Illegal Housing Association. The government is considering setting up a committee to provide advice and design effective policies for the standardization of irregular housing plans in various districts of Islamabad, including districts II, IV, and V. In addition, according to the committee, CDA will provide all labor and logistics assistance.


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. The Cabinet decided that the scope of the consultant's responsibilities should be reviewed by the planning committee, the CDA should cover the consultant's finances, and the consultant will complete the task within one year. The Federal Cabinet decided that the process of hiring consultants to review the Islamabad master plan was initiated with the approval of the CDA committee. According to the Cabinet’s decision, the RFP document has been forwarded to the Planning Committee; however, no progress has been made in this regard.

The committee will be composed of members of the Federal Council for the review of the master plan formed by the Federal Cabinet. The committee’s membership will include the following: (i) Major General Farrukh Javed, HI (M) (retired) (chairman); (ii) Murad Jamil (architect) (member of the Federal Review Master Planning Committee); (iii) Sikandar Ajam (Architect/Planner) (Member of Federal Master Planning Review Committee (Member); (iv) Vice President of PCATP (Planning) (Member); (v) Any other relevant professional experts from the private sector (co-opted by the committee, And (vi) Deputy Director General (Member/Secretary) of CDA Planning.

However, after discussion, the Cabinet approved the name of the committee, but the appointment of major. Farrukh Javed, HI (M) (Retd) will hold additional consultations.


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