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How to Become a Filer in Pakistan Online?

How to Become a Filer in Pakistan Online?

Being responsible citizens it is everyone’s civic responsibility to pay taxes. For that one needs to be a filer. In order to become a filer in Pakistan online, you must simply follow the procedure explained below:

How to Become a Filer Online in Pakistan 

  • First of all, Obtain an NTN Number (National Tax Number) as this number is required to become a filer in Pakistan.
  • NTN number can be obtained by visiting your legal adviser or by visiting the FBR website and making a request. For this purpose, go to the site and then go to the Registration for Unregistered Person tab. Fill in the form as it is a simple form. After filling it in, it will generate your NTN number.
  • NTN number takes a few hours and you will get a unique NTN number at your disposal but now the government is working on converting your National CNIC as your NTN number.
  • Secondly, do the IRIS Registration. Go to the federal board of the Revenue website and then go to the IRIS tab. Register yourself to e-enrollment and property registration in Pakistan.
  • Once you got registered, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Fill in the income details required. You need to have all the relevant tax content available.
  • Once you submit all the details, IRIS will confirm that you have now submitted it.
  • After successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Later you will be active on the ATL listing.
  • You can also validate it by logging in and entering your NTN or CNIC.

By following these few steps explained above you can become a filer. This does not account for your civic responsibility towards the state but also legalizes your means. Moreover, being a filer also gives you different advantages. So, please see the tax filer benefits. This gives legal authenticity and security to your property.

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