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Imran Khan Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration Process

Imran Khan Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration Process

The ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) before coming to power had made promises with people to provide the poor with their own houses. This was one of the major promises among many. Prime Minister Imran Khan time and again in his electioneering reiterated this promise to people that after assumption of power he will embark on an ambitious plan to facilitate the poor out there who do not have a roof over their heads. He has avowed to lunch a historical Pakistan Real Estate project named as Imran Khan Naya Pakistan Housing scheme that would benefit many homeless people in the country. Living up to his words PM Imran Khan has finally materialized this promise. So, what actually this scheme is and how one can be benefited from it explained below:

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan is a government project where five million affordable houses for Pakistanis would be constructed. Also known as Imran Khan Housing Scheme or the Prime Minister Housing Scheme, it is quite popular among people hailing from lower and middle-income backgrounds. Here are the complete details on the project so far revealed by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

How and Who Can Apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan?

Naya Pakistan Housing Program is to facilitate those who were unable how to buy a property in Pakistan or who can’t afford houses at the current market prices. There is also a certain criteria that has to be met in terms of total household income. The billion dollar question that everyone seems to be concerned about is who can apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Programmed? And can get Small Scale Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

The loan process is not that complicated, you just need to download the application form from National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA’s) website. The applicants were required to mention the family’s total gross income per month as seen in the form, if it was in the range mentioned below:

  • Less than PKR 20,000
  • Between PKR 20,001 and PKR 40,000
  • Between PKR 40,001 and 60,000
  • Between PKR 60,001 and PKR 100,000
  • More than PKR 100,000

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration?

The eligibility criteria for Naya Pakistan Scheme, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad require only one person from the family to apply after submitting PKR 250 with the form. Soon after the launch of the program, a number of applications were received by NADRA. Half a million of them have been digitized and many were still pending. It is a long process and with time the data is incorporated as progress on ground is made to ensure allotting as required by the applicant against scrutinization of conditions.   

Simply put, the NPHP eligibility criteria is as follows:

Access Link:

Only one person per family can apply (husband/wife).

A fee of PKR 250 to be submitted along with the registration scheme form.

Those with a monthly income of approx. PKR 10,000 – PKR 25,000 will be preferred.

Those who do not own any independent properties in Pakistan will be preferred.

Houses in Naya Pakistan Housing project will be constructed in three categories in phases. These are:

  • Labour class
  • Lower middle class
  • Middle class

These houses will be offered on a 10 percent to 25 percent down payment to all the above-mentioned categories.

Naya Pakistan Housing Payment Plan

Banks are to provide home loan facilities on appropriate terms and conditions where the payment could be cleared in up to 20 years.

So, if you have applied in this affordable housing project, gear up to pay 20 percent as Pakistan Housing Scheme loan down payment, while the remaining 80 percent payment will be provided by the bank through the home financing option. In Pakistan Housing Scheme payment plans, the owners will also have to pay an additional 10 percent markup. The government plans to embrace the rent equalization model to keep it an affordable housing project for the low-income group.

An Egyptian tycoon, Naguib Sawiris, has shown interest to invest in 100,000 units of the housing project.


Additional Details of Pakistan Housing Scheme (NPHS)

NPHS Scheme provides affordable housing to low-income salary group PM Imran Khan speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Program. The latest updates in Apna Ghar Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2019 are that the government has formed an authority by the name of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (NPHA).

It will take forward the government’s plan to construct 135,000 housing units across the country.  Prime Minister of Pakistan will inaugurate the project first in Islamabad where it will construct 25,000 houses and later in Balochistan where it is in the plan to construct 110,000 houses. It is also in the plan to build a special town for Gwadar fishermen under the scheme. The first Phase of Naya Pakistan Housing Project has kicked off and it is being reported that Phase-1 of Naya Pakistan Housing Program will comprise around 6000 houses. The project will be built by the private sector, while the government will act as a facilitator for providing land for the project and also for removing the related hurdles in the project’s execution. It is a best to get great Investment Benefits of Real Estate in Pakistan.

Details About the Pilot Project

The pilot project will be a joint venture between the private sector and Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation. The government would construct double-unit houses under the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. As mentioned above, the government will be the facilitator in the project while private firms will build the units.

A Chinese company has shown willingness to construct two million houses under the project. The good news is that the government has made it mandatory for Chinese and other international companies working under the New Pakistan Housing scheme to use only locally produced raw material. Also, no company will be allowed to hire labour force from other countries.

So, it is not only a great initiate that provide many with their home but also help create jobs and labor for many out there. This is a grand program by the government that in the long run would bear many fruits for Pakistanis. Apart from this Scheme the government is keen to deliver on her promises that were made during elections and in the future we will have more of such ambitious programs by the government.

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