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MCL Request To Get Authority Of Lahore Division

MCL Request To Get Authority Of Lahore Division

Lahore: These amendments are mainly to promote business in the construction industry. The letter is in compliance with the amendment to the LDA Act of 1975, the LDA Act (Amendment) of 2021 (SVIII 2021), where the metropolitan area of ​​the Lahore branch has been modified and replaced with Lahore Metropolitan Area in Sections Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the LDA Act of 1975.

MCL Requests LGCDD MCL referred to the LGCD department letter April 23, 2021, entitled Reduction of LDA jurisdiction over land use and Viz-A housing plans-Viz Nankana Sahib, Sheikhupura and Kasur. By including the MCL area in the above-mentioned letter dated April 23, 2021, MCL will be able to implement its previous amendments to the 1975 LDA Act in 2013 The land use conversion (commercialization) function has been carried out and the function is transferred to LDA vide submitted a letter dated November 26, 2013 in its control area. . On the other hand, with the amendment of Punjab’s private housing plan and land subdivision rules, the No SOR (LG) 38-2 / 2004 on October 28, 2013 and the amendment to the LDA Law from 1975 to February 13 In 2021, the private housing plan and the master plan have been respectively granted to the LDA of the Lahore region.

“In addition, in accordance with the provisions of Article 259 of the same law (Revised No. 13 of 2019), the approval and regulations of the master plan, land use plan, land use permit, and private housing plan , The division and subdivision of land parcels are in charge of capital legal person, city legal person, municipal party committee, municipal party committee and tehsil council"

The Punjab Local Government Act 2019 was approved by the Provincial Assembly on April 30, 2019. Article 21 (2) of PLGA 2019 clearly stipulates that powers, institutions and other similar offices shall be transferred to metropolitan companies within its jurisdiction. Article 21 (2) of PLGA 2019 is reproduced as Established by the government or Any office, institution or authority maintained at the beginning of this law to provide public services or perform other functions related to control The functions of construction, solid waste management, water supply and sewage collection and treatment in metropolitan areas shall be subject to conditions that may be imposed by the government And control, transferred to the respective metropolitan company.

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 Master Plan Lahore Division

It is necessary to conduct a master plan for the Lahore branch and carry out structured development in a pragmatic manner, which can be combined with current industrial and residential development. The total project area estimated by the master plan is approximately 348,565.38 acres. The population of the Lahore branch has grown to 50 million. The designed population of the Lahore division 2035 master plan is approximately 24.72 million. Of the 04 districts in Lahore District, 10 districts in Nankana District, 16 districts in Kasur District, and 18 districts in Shiekhpura District, a total of 48 were selected as the proposed areas of the Lahore branch master plan. A description of these existing and proposed project areas is given in Section 3.5, along with maps. One prediction is that by 2035, there will be nearly 50 million people living in this sector. The current population of the Lahore branch is estimated to be 25 million. The unplanned expansion of the Lahore branch, competitive land use, and the exponential population revision in the Lahore branch (project) growth master plan have increased the burden on existing infrastructure by as much as 3.20, resulting in more Issues such as land use conflict, traffic congestion, pollution, environmental degradation, water degradation and social impact.


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