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New Building Bylaws Issued To Avert Environmental Decay in Murree

New Building Bylaws Issued To Avert Environmental Decay in Murree

ISLAMABAD: In pursuance of the Intervention of the Prime Minister for immediate action against multi-story concrete structures, in violation of the rules, posing a serious threat to the ecological balance of the atmospheric system in Murree, the Punjab government has issued new building bylaws for construction to check the ever-increasing growth of unauthorized multi-story buildings to save the environment of the queen of mountains.


According to the newly introduced bylaws issued on October 9, 2021, only a ground and two stories with a total height not exceeding 38 feet would be allowed. Commissioner Rawalpindi will also monitor the construction of new buildings as well as the ones already built in violation of building laws. Since the area falls in a seismically active zone, As the area falls in a seismically active zone, it has been directed to the concerned officials of the three tehsils namely Murree, Kahuta, and Kotly Sattian to ensure implementations of these bylaws and put an immediate end to the growth of high rise buildings in the area.


Earlier, the Prime minister had shown extreme resentment over the loss of the natural beauty, wildlife, forests, and old trees that are leading towards a possible collapse of a neat and clean environment of the most popular Hill Station of the country. Similar bylaws, it is learned, have already been implemented in Kaghan under the directions of the Prime Minister that also reflects the vision of the premier regarding the importance of a reasonable environment for the existence of living beings. The bylaws will also pay heed to the preservation and protection of wildlife, natural beauty, and forest and trees.


The builders, as per new bylaws, will be bound to make open spaces on all sides of the building, proper ventilation, doors, windows, and emergency exit. Proper parking, keeping in view not only locals but also tourists, is a must for both residential and commercial structures, To protect the trees and promote plantation,, five to ten trees will be planted against each felling tree and trees older than 20 years will not be allowed to be felled.

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