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 Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022-23 and Expected Investment

 Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022-23 and Expected Investment

Geographically Pakistan is of immense importance, there are many factors that contribute to it. Firstly, having more than 200 million population it is home to the sixth most populous country in the world.  Since its inception, there have been many hurdles in its way to progress and especially to providing shelter to its citizens but many out there are shelterless and deprived of basic necessities of life. It is people’s right to have access to shelter as it’s a basic necessity and when government fails to provide these basic necessities then it becomes a necessity for people like us, The real estate, to chip in and contribute what we best can. We have been serving these needy people for many years now and hope to continue doing. It totally depends on Pakistan real estate forecast and indicators of investment for the future. Which gives ideas for better planning and an assortment of budgets to invest.


Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 

Making Investments in the Pakistan real estate property market although do not provide direct sheltering but it surely equips one with the wherewithal to secure one. It has been observed recently that many local and foreign investors are disinclined in real estate sector because of bad economic conditions and unfavorable investor protection laws in the country. There is a need to revise policies in this regard.

The ever-growing population and urbanization necessitate rapid development in all cities, however, there is little and inadequate attention paid by the government to address the grave issue. Budgetary allocations for the construction are low and is not enough to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the population. As a result, private developers and real estate have to initiate residential societies and schemes themselves to come over this deficit catering to the need of the burgeoning population.

Given the law-and-order situation and other concerns pertaining to security, the private developers opted for a few mega development schemes and areas for building gated projects. When the question of property sector development arises, the progress in real estate remains unanswered without the recognition of our unfatiguing services in this field for the last many years.

Real Estate Forecast and What to Expect Onwards

The previous year hugely made to suffer in commercial property for sale due to many reasons such as political instability, fluctuating market, unrealistic policies, and worsening economic conditions yet hope and spark never fizzle out at any moment during these trying times. However, the sector is showing signs and is expected to see a boom in investments in the New Year 2020-21 according to real estate forecasting experts in Pakistan.

The government’s complex newly enforced real estate tax policies and amendments are gradually getting clear for buyers and sellers. Moreover, there are multifarious latest developments across the country, particularly in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Gawadar.

Dream Places for Investment in 2022-23

1) DHA City Karachi

Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is a name to reckon with in the market. It is another massive success in the paradigm of house schemes that are under the administration of the Pakistan Army and mainly take care of the development and construction of residences for military officers that are retired or serving in Arms forces. Just like the aforementioned project, DHA has spread its wings to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities. The most recent project that has been launched is in Multan and Gujranwala.

Therefore, we recommend you DHA as a reliable and profitable option for investment in 2020. Particularly, we believe DHA City Karachi would be the top priority to invest in the upcoming year.

2) Gulshan_e_ Maymar

Gulshan e Maymar is yet another that has shown a very impressive performance in the previous year. Emphasizing commercial sectors, investors earned a very healthy and sizeable return against their investments in commercial areas of Maymar. The prices significantly raised, but still, it’s very much sought-after. However, the case does not hold justifiable if we talk about residential plots. The prices there went down after the first quarter of 2019.

So, we rank Gulshan-e-Maymar as our 2nd most recommended place for investment in 2020. Maymar is one of the most popular areas of Karachi, equipped with all, nurtured parks, utilities, and great infrastructure.

3) Scheme 33

Scheme 33 comes third in our recommendation for the year 2020. Prices at Scheme 33 dropped significantly in 2019, therefore, whether you’re a genuine buyer or investor, we highly recommend you invest in those societies of Scheme 33 where the lease is available along with all basic utilities such as water, electricity, gas, etc.

4) Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is the biggest real development in the country and has introduced a new concept of gated residential developments. Bahria Town is the pioneer for selling residential property in the country which is free from power deficit and security issues. Many societies have come into being following the blueprint of this society because of its great facilities. For example, most gated societies for residential purposes are free from load shedding and have innovative security measures.

In addition, there are many alike, working really hard to facilitate the people and government in the provision of dignified sheltering.

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