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The Best Picnic Points In Islamabad For A Great Summer

The Best Picnic Points In Islamabad For A Great Summer

During the hot summer days, there's nothing better than having fun and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family at picnic spots all around Islamabad. This summer, there are plenty of destinations you can travel to with your loved ones to have a great time! Here are some of the best picnic points in Islamabad where you can enjoy meals and evening get-togethers this season.

9 Must-Visit Picnic Spots In Islamabad


This place is breathtaking, with panoramic views of Rawal Lake. Everyone may find something to enjoy at Lake View Park, whether you have energetic family members who adore boating or peaceful family members who enjoy taking in the tranquil scenery by the lake. Located beside Kashmir Highway, the park offers tidy, green areas for a family picnic.

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It makes a beautiful picnic location for those who enjoy desi food because you can taste some of Pakistan's delectable dishes. Parking spaces, prayer rooms, an amusement park with many rides, and paved kart racing courses are among the additional amenities. Additionally, you can observe a nature reserve with exotic birds. The entrance fee is only Rs. 20 per person, and you can visit this location between 10 am and 10 pm.


Due to its history, Saidpur Village is one of the most exciting spots for a picnic in Islamabad. It is located in the Margalla Hills. The area, now a picnic area, was once thought to be a settlement that had been inhabited for more than 500 years. Depending on your interests and the weather, you can engage in various entertaining activities at Saidpur Village, such as bird watching, hiking, detective hunts, and other outdoor sports.

The main draw of Saidpur Village is generally a combination of different religious sites: a church, a magnificently designed mosque, and an ancient Hindu temple. Saidpur Village is the ideal destination for history enthusiasts in Islamabad and those who are enchanted by magnificent buildings. The finest aspect of this lovely picnic place is that there is no entrance cost and is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm.



Ankara Park is the place to be if you're searching for a park where your kids can enjoy fully without any danger and restrictions. It is one of Islamabad's best weekend destinations. This well-designed park with borders offers a tranquil change of scenery, rich green gardens, and vibrant flowers. With opportunities for adults and kids, the park is also a real triumph for families enjoying some adventure. Additionally, you are free to take whatever action you choose to enhance your enjoyment. You can enter this park whenever you like, day or night, at a fee of 30 rupees per person.

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Japanese Park is well-known for its appeal to residents of Islamabad and the variety of kid-friendly activities it offers. Given the Japanese government to Pakistan in 1985, the park represents the two countries' friendship. Your kids will be entertained by the jungle gym, Rope Bridge, bouncing palace, trampoline, and numerous more thrilling rides. Additionally, this park has dinosaur statues that you can view.

It is recommended that you arrive at this pleasant picnic place with additional energy so that you may completely appreciate every aspect of the park. The Japanese park is open from 8 am to 11 pm, and entry is 30 rupees per person. Lastly, after your kids have experienced the actual core of this children's park, you will undoubtedly return to this picnic area time and time again.


Rose and Jasmine Garden is one of Islamabad's most beautiful parks and the ideal place for a picnic with the family. The park is filled with fascinating views of unusual plants and features a variety of flowers and herbs. Additionally, the park will entertain you with various animals, including bouncing kangaroos, groups of ducks, quails, pandas, etc. A little hut that offers smoking-hot chai and spicy fries is also available inside the garden. So, add some excitement to your summer days by visiting this picnic area from 8 am to 9 pm without having to pay an entrance fee.

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The beautiful park Daman-e-Koh is named for its outstanding location on the slopes of Margalla. The park provides a sweeping view of the enticing country's capital and the charming Faisal mosque in the distance. This location is undoubtedly a fantastic visual delight and the best place to visit in Islamabad. Daman-e-Koh Park is filled with booths that offer inexpensive snacks in addition to its beautiful charm. Another reason this location is well-liked in Islamabad is the abundant wildlife. You will find diverse animals here, including foxes, pigs, moles, snakes, etc. Here, you may also watch the amusing monkey actions.


The Pakistan monument was built in 2010 as a tribute to the history of the country and as a memorial. It is located on the Shakarparian Hills' western flank. It refers to the four provinces and states under the general government. 

It covers a total area of 2.8 hectares and is positioned on a hilltop so one can see the whole city from there.

The monument's individuality is enhanced by its unique feature, which is its flower-like shape. Residents frequently come here for picnics and to hang out with their family and friends. As a symbol of the diversity and unification of Pakistani culture, Pakistan Monument is a place worth seeing in Islamabad.



Due to its strategic location in Sector 9 in Islamabad, it is also referred as F-9 Park. The huge area of Fatima Jinnah Park is mostly covered with vegetation.  With the exception of a few spots that are near to residences, the most of the park is practically a nature preserve.

In Jinnah Park, there are additional sections for fast food and dining, as well as bowling alleys, arcades, laser tag, and other game-related amenities. So, by going to this park, you may fully enjoy every aspect of your picnic.


Last words

Regarding the best picnic points in Islamabad, you will be hard-pressed to find better places than these. They are the perfect combination of nature and peace, exactly what you need for a great day out with loved ones. From scenic views to delicious food, these spots have it all. So gather your friends and family and head out to enjoy the summer sun!


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