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BCDA Working on Master Plan to Develop Coastal Region to Boost Tourism

BCDA Working on Master Plan to Develop Coastal Region to Boost Tourism

Quetta: According to news reported on January 23, the Balochistan Coastline Development Authority (BCDA) is developing a master plan for the province's coastal area in an effort to determine the future viability of "compressive development and preservation of the natural ecosystem."

According to reports, the Balochistan government is working diligently to complete the master plan to take advantage of the countless tourist attractions dotting the 750-kilometer-long coastal belt and strengthen the "blue economy." The administration tried to maintain marine life and safeguard the coastal ecology to fight coastal erosion in order to better maximize the potential of the province's tourism industry.

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To serve both domestic and foreign tourists, construction on eco-tourism resorts, jetties, beach parks, and rest areas has been in full gear. Gadani, Kund Malir, Jiwani, Aurmara, Gwadar, and Kalmat resort construction is nearly 90% finished. Furthermore, the development of five beach parks along the coastal belt cost the government PKR 250 million. In order to regulate commercial, residential, and other important facilities for tourists, the government has also established BCDA, according to the sources.

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