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CDA Decides to Offer Pre- Approved Building Plans for new Construction

CDA Decides to Offer Pre- Approved Building Plans for new Construction

Islamabad: According to news reported in the national dailies on September 5, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has a ground-breaking project for streamlining home construction by offering pre-approved building plans.

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Under the direction of Mohammad Anwarul Haq, the CDA Board met and decided to approve. The relevant department of the CDA will put together a thorough handbook during the next eight weeks, it was also resolved at the meeting. This brochure will include authorised floor plans that are adjusted for different site sizes, making it simpler for residents to start their construction projects. The board has also started working to reestablish the commission in charge of updating the city's master plan.

Another key action was the CDA board's directive to the authority to seek the federal government in order to create a special commission for the master plan modification. Every twenty years, the master plan, which was first drafted in 1960, must be updated. However, only rare changes made by different governments have resulted in any significant revisions to date.


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