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CDA to Establish Weekly Car Bazar on Srinagar Highway

CDA to Establish Weekly Car Bazar on Srinagar Highway

ISLAMABAD: In order to facilitate the sale and purchase of vehicles, the CDA is thinking about establishing a weekly car bazaar on the Srinagar Highway. Currently, the capital city does not have any formal facility for automobile trading. However, on Sundays, a small-scale business operates at G-8 and G-9 Markaz in this regard. There is, however, a weekly bazaar on Murree Road in Rawalpindi every Friday, and a huge bazaar is held in Taxila every Sunday.  The Capital Development Authority (CDA), according to a top source, intends to launch a weekly bazaar along the Srinagar Highway near Tarnol.

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Every week, the bazaar will be held most likely on Sundays. However, the city traffic officer told that before deciding on a day for the bazaar, CDA was also taking into account the traffic issues. The facility will only be temporary, and CDA and the district administration will depute a representative from the Excise and Taxes Office to the bazaar to help customers with the authenticity of the cars they are buying. However, According to CDA officials, the Srinagar Highway is the busiest road in the city, and there is a necessity for an effective traffic management strategy.

 It is pertinent to mention here that In order to help auto dealerships and other particular enterprises relocate from the main city areas and encourage businessmen to establish their businesses outside the main city area, the  CDA has recently devised a comprehensive strategy.


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