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Early Completion of Samanabad Underpass Directed by the DG LDA

Early Completion of Samanabad Underpass Directed by the DG LDA

Aamir Ahmad Khan, the director general of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), gave the order to speed up construction on the Samanabad Underpass project on Sunday, January 29, according to news sources. DG Amir paid a visit to the project location and requested that the relevant authorities use all available resources to finish the project by the deadline of April 15. Amir was given a briefing on the ongoing development work by LDA Chief Engineer II, Mazhar Hussain Khan, during the visit. He claimed that in order to finish the job as quickly as possible, additional machinery and laborer's are also being engaged.

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As per Chief Engineer, the work on the project is being done in three daily shifts around the clock. The initiative, according to DG Amir, is crucial for the improved traffic flow in the area and will also lower total fuel usage. Additionally, he requested that the Traffic Planning and Engineering Agency collaborate closely with the Traffic Police to develop an efficient traffic management strategy to help citizens save valuable time.

It is significant to mention that the Samanabad Underpass project, which would cost an estimated PKR 2.01 billion to complete, was just announced last month. It will be 500 meters long, 5.1 meters high, and 8 meters wide. The dual-lane construction would reduce traffic flow from Samanabad to Gulshan Ravi.

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