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FBR Issues Final Notice to Non-filers Regarding Disconnection of Utility Services

FBR Issues Final Notice to Non-filers Regarding Disconnection of Utility Services

Islamabad: According to a news source on January 10, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has stepped up efforts to ensure tax compliance by sending final notifications to non-filers and warning of impending repercussions, such as the barring of mobile SIM cards and the disconnecting of utilities.

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"You were issued notice under section 114B to file the return, non-compliance results in disconnection of electricity, gas & mobile connections," one of the issued notices clearly says, as revealed by the source. Kindly submit the return right away. The FBR is gearing up to implement stringent measures against non-filers. In the initial phase, mobile SIM cards and phones belonging to non-filers will face suspension. The FBR is expected to issue the Income Tax General order within the current month to formalise this action.

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Furthermore, the FBR is formulating a strategy to disconnect electricity and gas services for non-filers, although comprehensive data on the electricity connections of such individuals is currently lacking. When approached for comments, a senior FBR official confirmed that the blocking of mobile phones for non-filers is slated for implementation within the current month. However, a specific date for this measure was not disclosed. The move underscores the FBR’s commitment to ensuring tax compliance and discouraging non-filing practices.



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