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Garbage Disposal in Rawalpindi Creating Panic for the Residents

Garbage Disposal in Rawalpindi Creating Panic for the Residents

Rawalpindi: The Rawalpindi Waste Management Authority (RWMA) seems to be helpless in providing the masses with a hygienic environment as the heaps of garbage and ill smell emitting from the overflowing dustbins have become a permanent source of panic for the residents. The stray dogs, cats, and other animals roaming around the garbage have been disturbing the residents and the passers-by. When the staff of the RWMC was approached in this regard, it was learned that most of the garbage picking vehicles are faulty while some of them are even without fuel for more than one and a half weeks. The heaps of garbage in the congested areas of Rawalpindi are also producing mosquitos and flies in the area.

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As per the reports, the most populated areas of the city like City Saddar Road, Banni, Asghar Mall, Muslim Town, Sadeqabad, Pedora, Khayaban, Fauji Colony, and Pirwadai are the most affected areas where the stray dogs are hovering around the heaps of garbage and the flies and mosquitos have badly disturbed the sleep of the residents. The passers-by cover their mouths but to no avail. It was informed by the staff of the company that due to the faulty garbage picking vehicles some of the sanitary staff have stopped working for the company. Moreover, some of the vehicles are not being provided petrol and diesel for more than 10 days due to a shortage of funds which has further aggravated the situation.

The residents of the city are of the view that the civic agency is not paying any attention to the complaints of the residents for quite some time. They claim that the heaps of garbage are not only a source of spoiling the environment but also play upon the innocence of the people. The residents of the city have demanded of the district authorities to not only remove the garbage from the city but also manage to transfer the garbage transfer station outside the main city so that the real beauty of Rawalpindi city may be prevented. It is also to be mentioned here that the government has been very keen to provide a neat and clean environment to the residents of all the cities and the situation of Rawalpindi is really disturbing the vision of Clean and Green Pakistan.The residents of the city have appealed to the Punjab government to immediately remove the garbage transfer station outside the city to save the beauty of the city.

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