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LDA Starts Installation of Garder on Lahore’s New Ravi Bridge

LDA Starts Installation of Garder on Lahore’s New Ravi Bridge

Lahore: According to a news source on March 29, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) accomplished a noteworthy milestone with the installation of the first Garder on the Lahore’s new Ravi Bridge.

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 The specifics indicate that the installation procedure, which was started with the aid of large cranes, is the first step in a series that will involve 96 Garders in all. After it is finished, the bridge will give people in Lahore a new way to enter and leave the city, improving connectivity. The difficulties that drivers had on the previous Ravi Bridge—which was known for its frequent traffic congestion—led to the initiative to build the new bridge.

 After the Garder installation is finished, Lahore Development Authority officials are optimistic that the bridge will soon be open for traffic, guaranteeing a more comfortable travel for the commuters.


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