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List of Active Taxpayers Expiry Date Disclosed by FBR

List of Active Taxpayers Expiry Date Disclosed by FBR

Islamabad: According to information published in the top newspaper on February 21, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has disclosed the expiration date for the Active Taxpayers List (ATL) for the tax year 2021. The ATL's expiration date is February 28, according to the news source. The FBR officials, whose identities were withheld, indicated that as of March 1, taxpayers who failed to file an income tax return for 2022 would not be eligible for the lower withholding tax rates. On the basis of income tax returns submitted up until February 28 for the tax year 2022, it was disclosed that the board would issue a new ATL on March 1.

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The FBR has 4.2 million active taxpayers as of Feb 20.It is important to remember that ATL is a central database of individuals who filed income tax returns online for the prior tax year. According to government officials, the ATL is published annually on March 1 and is valid through the last day of February of the following year.

The person must file tax returns for the prior year in order to be a member of ATL. According to the Finance Act of 2018, if a person doesn't submit their tax return before the deadline, they will not be eligible for ATL for that year. However, the 2019 Finance Act made changes to this. Even if a tax return is filed after the deadline, a person's name may still appear on the list.


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