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PMU of Peshawar Safe City Project Held Responsible for Delay in Work

PMU of Peshawar Safe City Project Held Responsible for Delay in Work

Peshawar: The Provincial inspection team has held the Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) of the Peshawar Safe City Project responsible for the delay in execution of the project. The team working under the instruction of the KP CM has recommended legal action against those responsible for the sorry state of affairs regarding the delay in the execution of the project. The report suggests that bureaucratic red-tapism and faulty planning have stalled the project's progress. The PMU was established primarily for the purpose of speedy execution of the project, but despite Project Director being given full authority, the project could not be materialized even after a decade since it was officially proposed in 2009.

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The statement of the inspection team stated, “It was the responsibility of the project directors to have the PMU fully functional, but they failed to do so. Further, they have not proposed possible solutions to the problems that occurred in the project from time to time.” The report further added, “The PMU failed to perform its functions given in the approved PC-I. Resultantly, the project objectives could not be achieved even after the lapse of almost five years, which is double the initial time of two and half years.” The report also sought legal action to be taken against the Project Director and other officials of the PMU.

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As per the details of the project, more than 6000 Closed-circuit television cameras are to be installed at more than 850 points in various locations of the provincial metropolis. All the points would be monitored live by the senior officers as well as through the centralized monitoring system. The idea is to improve the law and order situation in the city. The safe city projects were announced initially for Islamabad Lahore and Peshawar many years ago. The projects have been executed in Lahore and Islamabad but the Peshawar Safe City Project could not get the attention of the concerned authorities and remained pending for  more than the last 13 years.

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